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How to Play Minecraft Dungeons on Mobile

Well, there is a way...

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Play Minecraft Dungeons on Mobile

Remember Minecraft Dungeons? An interesting spin-off version of the popular blocky survival brought dungeon crawling and co-op action in one completely separate new title that arrived in 2020 on last-gen consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Since then, we have received a version for the new Xbox Series X/S systems and even a strange version for Arcade.

Mind you, it’s not the Apple Arcade but the real-deal Arcade machines – that version was made by arcade masters Raw Thrills, and it’s a more of a beat-em-up now. But… aside from all that, after two years since the release and all those versions, is there finally a way to play Minecraft Dungeons on mobile? Let’s find out.

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How to Play Minecraft Dungeons on Mobile?

Even now, at the very end of 2022, the answer is still – NO. Minecraft Dungeons does not have a version for mobile phones, tablets, iOS, or Android. Although there were rumors about a beta version of Minecraft Dungeon for mobile as early as 2020, it never came to fruition.

Instead, we got a kind of workaround to stream the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So if you have those subscriptions, an Android tablet or a phone, and a decent Internet connection, you can play Minecraft Dungeons on your device via cloud streaming – with full touch control support! The streaming version can be found here and in the Xbox app.

As for iOS devices, you can play it too; instead of the app, you need to use the web version, open Safari and go to, make the shortcut on your home screen, and then log in with your account that has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate active subscription. Look up Minecraft Dungeons in search – and there you go!

If you don’t like streaming video games on your phone and want a real Minecraft Dungeons mobile experience, try the Nintendo Switch version or run it on the Steam Deck.

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