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Metroid: Samus Returns – Power Suit Upgrades

by Bryan Dawson

As you play through Metroid: Samus Returns, you will stumble across several Power Suit upgrades. This article covers the Power Suit upgrades in Metroid: Samus Returns. We’ll have the Power Suit upgrade locations added to this article in the very near future, so if you’re looking for that information, check back before the weekend is over. These Power Suit upgrades are a must have for anyone trying to reach all areas of Metroid: Samus Returns!

Gravity Suit

The Gravity Suit was created to allow Samus to move through lava without taking damage. You’ll find a lot of areas are inaccessible until Samus has the Gravity Suit due to lava blocking your path. While the ability to move through lava is a huge gain, the Gravity Suit also removes any lag when Samus moves through liquid (lava, water, etc.). In these areas your movement speed is normally slowed down. However, with the Gravity Suit you will move at normal speeds through any liquid.

High Jump Boots

While at first glance it may seem like the High Jump Boots are made to allow Samus to reach higher platforms, they have a double use. In addition to the ability to jump higher and farther, it’s much easier to evade boss and enemy attacks with the High Jump Boots. Like many of the other Power Suit upgrades, you’ll need these if you want to reach every possible area, but the added evasion ability is nice to have as well.

Screw Attack

While most of the other suit upgrades are specifically designed to allow Samus to reach new areas in the game, the Screw Attack upgrade is both offensive and defensive. With the Screw Attack Samus is nearly invulnerable while performing a spin jump. She can go through most enemies, damaging them in the process. In addition, she can destroy blocks around the game that may be blocking access to certain areas.

Space Jump

You can think of the Space Jump as an upgraded version of the High Jump Boots. With proper timing, Samus can continuously jump until she reaches an obstacle blocking her path. To make the boots work for infinite jumps, you need to initiate a spin jump and continually press the jump button. There’s a specific rhythm to it, but it should only take you a few tries to get it working. For most it should be much easier than trying to climb with bombs.

Varia Suit

The main benefit of the Varia Suit is that it can keep Samus safe in areas where the temperatures are very high. You’ll need this suit to access many areas in the game, so while you can hold off on picking it up early on, you will eventually need to make sure you secure this upgrade if you want to explore every area of the game. Unfortunately, this suit won’t allow Samus to move through lava, but that’s where the Gravity Suit comes into play.

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Bryan Dawson

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