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Mega Man 11 Boss Order and Boss Weakness

by Prima Games Staff

In traditional Mega Man fashion, each of the Robot Masters is weak to a specific weapon in Mega Man 11. To take advantage of a boss weakness in Mega Man 11, you’ll need to know the proper boss order to fight them in so you have the weapon you need when you reach each new boss.

In this article, we cover the Mega Man 11 boss order, as well as each boss’s weakness. Once you know each boss’s weakness in Mega Man 11, it’s pretty easy to clear through each one on your way to the big bad guy!

Mega Man 11 Boss Order and Boss Weakness

Mega Man 11 Boss Order

  1. Block Man
  2. Acid Man
  3. Impact Man
  4. Bounce Man
  5. Fuse Man
  6. Tundra Man
  7. Torch Man
  8. Blast Man

You can see the boss order above, in which Block Man should be taken down first, with Blast Man being last. This means you will need to use the default Mega Buster against Block Man, but he’s fairly easy to take down with Mega Man’s most basic weapon. If you do have trouble, Block Man is weak to the Chain Blast weapon you get from taking out Blast Man. You can find all of the boss weaknesses in the table below.

Boss Weak Against Weapon Reward
Acid Man Block Dropper (Block Man) Acid Barrier
Blast Man Blazing Torch (Torch Man) Chain Blast
Block Man Chain Blast (Blast Man) Block Dropper
Bounce Man Pile Driver (Impact Man) Bounce Ball
Fuse Man Bounce Ball (Bounce Man) Scramble Thunder
Impact Man Acid Barrier (Acid Man) Pile Driver
Torch Man Tundra Storm (Tundra Man) Blazing Torch
Tundra Man Scramble Thunder (Fuse Man) Tundra Storm

Once you defeat all eight of the Robot Masters, you’ll see Dr. Wily show up. If you’ve played a Mega Man game before, you probably know where this is going. You’ll have to take down two additional bosses, along with a battle against the big man himself. There are a few surprises along the way, but we don’t want to spoil too much. You can check out all of the remaining boss weaknesses below.

Wily Boss Weak Against
Dr. Wily (1st Form) Acid Barrier (Acid Man), Chain Blast (Blast Man)
Dr. Wily (2nd Form) Acid Barrier (Acid Man), Scramble Thunder (Fuse Man)
Mawverne (Boss 2) Bounce Ball (Bounce Man)
Yellow Devil (Boss 1) Chain Blast (Blast Man)

For more strategies and advice, including how to take down Block Man or Acid Man, check out our Mega Man 11 game hub!


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