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Mass Effect: Andromeda Uncovering the Past – Save or Kill the AI

by Prima Games Staff

Mass Effect: Andromeda Uncovering the Past – Save or Kill the AI

You’ll encounter the Uncovering the Past side operation once you reach Voeld, one of the second set of planets that you must visit in the main storyline of Mass Effect: Andromeda. For this mission you’ll need to make your way to a cave on the planet and locate and deal with an AI that has been causing issues on the planet. This article will teach you everything you need to know to complete Uncovering the Past in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How to Complete Uncovering the Past

This side mission can only be obtained after you arrive on Voeld and complete the quest Remove the Heart. Once you complete Remove the Heart, you’ll gain access to a set of ice caves behind a small Kett base on the planet. These are the caves where you’ll find the AI that you need to locate and deal with.

Since the planet is cold, and your party is surrounded by snow, stick close to the heat lamps that mark your path. Follow them to locate the remaining Kett in the base, as well as several Angara prisoners. Once you locate an Angara hiding near some cages, speak with him to learn of a hidden passageway. Now, scan the walls around the area until you find the path, and blow it open using explosives.

Follow the newly revealed tunnel until you come across a AI that will begin attacking an Angara. You now have two options to continue this mission.

Kill the AI

If you choose to kill the AI, you will destroy it, and the Angara will thank you. Jaal will be saddened by the loss of the AI’s memories, and SAM will confirm that there’s nothing left to salvage among the wreckage. This completes the quest.

Save the AI

If you choose to spare the AI’s life, then it will kill the Angara and then plead to be taken back to Nexus, where it can be found in SAM Node, aboard the Hyperion. If you choose this option, you then must make another choice.

Give the AI to the Angara

If you give the AI back to the Angara, then it is return to the aliens on Aya, and is kept there until you reach the final mission of the game. Once you reach the final mission, the Angarans will use the AI’s abilities to help you complete the mission.

Give the AI to the Nexus

If you give the AI to the Nexus, it takes up resident in SAM Node and can be heard talking to SAM sometimes when you enter. You will lose out on any assistance that it offers in the final mission, though.

Make your choices carefully, and then lock them in to complete the mission. While we’d suggest saving the AI and then giving it to the Angara, you can make any of the choices above to get the outcome that you find most desirable. Be sure to head back over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda game hub for more helpful guides like this, including an article that will help you find the best pathfinder build for your playstyle.