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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Modern Medicine, Get Oblivion Formula or Leave It

by Prima Games Staff

Modern Medicine is a Secondary Op that players can obtain on Kadara. In this side quest players must infiltrate a lab and obtain the Oblivion Formula, a highly beneficial medication that a doctor in Kadara is seeking. During the quest players can choose to either take the formula from another doctor, or leave it with that doctor.

In this article we’ll go over each choice, the consequences that they hold, and the outcomes that they give in the Mass Effect: Andromeda Modern Medicine Secondary Op.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Modern Medicine, Get Oblivion Formula or Leave It

During the side quest Modern Medicine, players learn from Dr. Farenth that they created the Oblivion Formula to be an addictive drug, and that the medicinal attributes discovered within it were a complete accident. At this point you can choose to either:

A: Believe Farenth and leave the formula with her.

B: Take Dr. Nakamoto’s side and take the formula from Dr. Farenth.

If you choose to take the formula and return it to Dr. Nakamoto, you can return to him and turn in the quest. He’ll be happy with you for taking his side. Based off of information found in the messages in a terminal near Dr. Farenth, this appears to be the “correct” decision, as the messages make it seem that Dr. Farenth was secretly developing the drug to be addictive without Dr. Nakamoto’s knowledge.

If you choose to believe Dr. Farenth, then you leave the Oblivion Formula in her capable hands, thus enabling her to continue her work on making it an addictive drug. You still need to return to Dr. Nakamoto to turn in the quest, and he is upset with you for deciding to leave the drug in the hands of a would-be drug dealer.

Like most of the smaller decisions associated with side quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the choice you make does not play a large part on how the quest concludes. These choices are mostly for roleplay effect, and players should choose whichever option fits best with their current character personality.

No matter which direction you choose, you still receive a large amount of AVP (Andromeda Viability Points) and an additional +5% to your Kadara Viability Rating. You can learn more about AVP and the how the viability system works by checking out our in-depth guide. With the quest complete, you can continue exploring the surface of Kadara and work towards making it sustainable for an Andromeda Initiative settlement.

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