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Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Change Your Weapons, Manage Loadout

by Josh Hawkins

As you explore new worlds in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’re bound to come across some new weapons and armor that will help you out along the way. Sometimes you’ll want to go ahead and equip your new equipment and items, and in this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know to edit your loadout and change your weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How to Change Your Loadout

Changing your loadout in Mass Effect: Andromeda is extremely easy to do, but there are some limits. While the items that you find and develop are technically placed into your inventory, you cannot access that inventory from anywhere in the game. Instead, you’ll only be able to access it when departing from the Tempest, from a special Loadout Station aboard the Tempest, or at Forward Bases. We break down how to use each area, below, so take a look to see the best way to change out your weapons.

Editing from the Loadout Station

As we stated above, players can access the Loadout Menu from a Loadout Station which is situated within the Tempest, the ship that players receive from the Initiative. Board the Tempest, and then make your way up to the bridge, where Suvi and Kallo can most often be found. Once you arrive at the bridge, turn to the left upon entering the main door. You should spot a door directly in front of you, as well as one directly behind you. The one behind you leads to Peebee’s escape pod, while the door directly in front of you leads to a small room with the Loadout Station.

Head into the room and interact with the Loadout Station to pull up the loadout menu. From here all that’s left to do is select the weapons you want to use and save it.

Editing from Forward Base

You might only really think of Forward Bases at places to fast travel between and refill your health, ammo, and powers. But, they’re actually very useful for editing your loadout as well. Since you can’t edit your loadout on the fly, Forward Bases are about as close to mid-mission editing as you get.

So, the next time you find yourself needing to change out your weapons, locate the closest Forward Base and make your way there. Once you’re close, you should spot the telltale signs of an interaction command, which will let you edit your loadout on the spot.

Editing from Mission Launch

You can also edit your loadout anytime that you depart from the Tempest onto a planet like Eos, Havarls, and others. The window will automatically open whenever you choose to depart, allowing you to choose your weapons, armor, and even the companions that you bring along with you on this trip.

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