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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Unlock Colors and Stages

by Bryan Dawson

As people start picking up Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, they will find that alternate colors 3 and 4 for the characters must be unlocked. There are also several stages in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite that need to be unlocked when you first boot up the game. Fear not, this article covers how to unlock colors 3 and 4 in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. While we’re still figuring out the exact methods, we’ll also include how to unlock stages in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. As we continue to narrow down each method to an exact set of steps, we will update this article accordingly.

We know that you can unlock character colors by playing online, but we don’t know exactly how long or how many matches are needed. However, there are more straight forward ways to unlock colors and stages, which we’ve detailed below. Once again, we’ll update this article when we know exactly how unlocking via online play works.

Unlock Colors

  • Beat Arcade Mode

To unlock the third and fourth colors for each character, all you need to do is beat Arcade Mode. The first time you beat Arcade Mode both of the characters you beat it with will have access to Color 3. You need to beat Arcade Mode a second time with a character to unlock Color 4. Unfortunately, you’ll have to beat Arcade Mode quite a bit to unlock the two additional colors for each character, but at least you’re unlocking a color for both characters you play with at the same time.

Unlock Stages

  • Beat Story Mode

When it comes to unlocking stages, you need to beat Story Mode. You start the game with eight stages unlocked and can unlock another eight stages once you have completed Story Mode. While this may sound simple, Story Mode is relatively lengthy, so it may take some time to complete it in full. However, once you do, you will have all of the stages currently available in the game.

Default Stages

  • A.I.M.Brella – Control Room
  • Avengers Tower – Briefing Room
  • Dark Kingdom – Heart of Chaos
  • New Metro City – Crossroads
  • New Metro City – Downtown
  • Unknown – Training Chamber
  • Valkanda – Plains
  • Xgard – Throne Room

Unlocked After Beating Story Mode

  • A.I.M.Brella – Laboratory Pathway
  • Abel City – Sigma’s Lab
  • Avengers Tower – Lab
  • Dark Kingdom – Wastelands
  • Knowmoon – Gravitron Core
  • Knowmoon – Walkway
  • Xgard – Bifrost Bridge
  • Xgard – Underground Prison

Once again, we’ll have more details over the next few days as we continue to narrow down the exact methods of unlocking this content. We know people are eager to get stages and alternate colors unlocked, so we wanted to share what we know as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Prima Games for more on Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Bryan Dawson

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