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Marvel Snap Players Frustrated After Sudden Delay of High Evolutionary Card

Card is too broken to be allowed in Marvel Snap.

Players of Marvel Snap are unable to get the High Evolutionary card that has been widely expected (I am guilty of this too and can’t wait to get it). It all started with one Discord message from “Molly” – a community manager in the Marvel Snap Discord channel. You are probably on this article because you are wondering “Why is Howard the Duck still in my Token Shop?”

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“We’re aware of an issue preventing High Evolutionary from showing up in the Token Shop or Collector’s Caches/Reserves. The team is currently working to find a solution and we’ll update when we have more information. Thanks for your patience!”

Another delay like with Kitty Pryde seems to be on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. So, when can we expect the High Evolutionary to be released in Marvel Snap, and what the heck is all this ruckus about in the community?

When Does the High Evolutionary Come Out in Marvel Snap?

A follow-up message clarified that the fix for High Evolutionary will require a big client patch (similar to what happened to Kitty Pryde) and that further updates will be announced as they come, along with an apology for the inconvenience caused.

Of course, this made the Marvel Snap players slightly upset. Some were frustrated, and some were inspired to make memes.

But, to answer your question, we’ve no idea how long this will take. I gauge it will take them until the end of June 2023. Big patches cannot be made overnight.

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When Will the High Evolutionary Get Released in Marvel Snap?

When Second Dinner fixes this, we’ll know more. Until then, here are some comments and memes to keep you amused. I wanted to write about the best decks for High Evolutionary and to give you some cool ideas you can try out if you got your hands on the card, but now I am “forced” to write about memes in the absence of actual Marvel Snap content. I will certainly return to update the article as soon as possible.

High Evolutionary Delay Top Memes and Comments

Obviously, a lot of hate comments are being thrown Second Dinner’s way (for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons, given the recent situation in the game), but let’s try to look on the brighter side of life with the finest Reddit comments:

u/Nabspro: “Howard the Duck has a new power: Tap the Howard the Duck to see if the High Evolutionary will come out as the next card in the shop”

u/fenefloppy replied: “*taps Howard* -> next card is Howard”.

u/LocalGilt has made a comment that has made me laugh out loud alone in my room, so here’s to that:

– Joined the Marvel Snap discord server

– Changed my name to “Marvel Snap Bot”

– Changed my pic to a Galactus Flaviano variant

– posted a message along the lines of “We’re continuing to investigate the issue with High Evolutionary and will provide an update when possible. We will be sending out a Pixel Variant Quicksilver as a thank you for your patience. Please look forward to more coming soon.”

Saw a bunch of laugh reactions before being banned from the server, lol

The inevitable Simpsons meme was posted by u/Accomplished_Way6763.

Anyway, that’s about it. In the meantime, keep snapping and visit our Marvel Snap tag under the article for more Marvel Snap content. See you very soon!

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