Madden NFL 24: Ultimate Team TOTW Objectives & Challenges

Many TOTW Objectives, Challenges, and Rewards!

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If you were complaining about the lack of MUT content, you won’t be now, and you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to sift through all of the content released over the week in Ultimate Team before season 1 concludes. Following an emphatic return to NFL madness, we welcomed the Ultimate Kickoff and UT Team of the Week in Madden NFL 24.

The Team of the Week program will be released once a week, donning the best players from the week before action. We are currently in Week 3 of the TOTW program and are gearing up for Week 4. Here are all the challenges and objectives that need to be completed to collect player items and upgrade tokens.

Madden NFL 24 Week 1 Ultimate Team TOTW Challenges

Every week, there will be a new set of player items to play for, as well as new challenges added to the Challenges. The challenges start with the Preseason Team of the Week program and, thereafter, the regular season Team of the Week program. For the preseason event, there are 24 stars to collect from 12 different challenges (there will be more after every week of action). Each challenge is worth two stars when meeting all of the requirements.

Once you’ve completed the preseason challenges, it’s on to the next TOTW challenges for the regular season. Here, the challenges are split by week, recognizing the standout performers in the NFL from the previous week. At the time of writing this, there are currently three weeks of challenges.   

The challenges are as follows:

Week Stars Challenges 
Week 1 StandoutTwo stars per challengeTyreek Hill DaRon Bland New York Jets
Week 2 StandoutTwo stars per challengeMike Evens Tre Brown New York Giants
Week 3 StandoutTwo stars per challengeTua Tug

On welcome, MUT players will receive two player items, Amani Quuwariye and Brandin Cooks, both 81 OVR, as well as two tokens. TOTW, like the other MUT competitive modes, will have its own Field Pass. 

The Preseason TOTW will run separately from the Regular Season TOTW program but will share the same Field Pass in Madden 24 Ultimate Team.

All Madden Ultimate Team TOTW Field Pass Rewards

There are currently six levels. This should change over the course of the season, with more levels being added as the season goes on and more player items will become available. The Field Pass consists of six levels, rewarding players with coins and an Epic 81+ Preseason TOTW Player. 

The Field Pass rewards are as follows:

Level RewardRarity
Level 2MUT CoinsNA
Level 3MUT CoinsNA
Level 4MUT CoinsNA
Level 5MUT CoinsNA
Level 681+ OVR TOTW Preseason PlayerEpic

All TOTW Objectives

  • Earn 18 Stars from TOTW Challenges (complete all challenges),
  • Obtain Elite TOTW player (doesn’t include Welcome Player Item),
  • Obtain a Standout TOTW player, (doesn’t include Welcome Player Item)
  • Obtain a Champion TOTW player, and
  • Complete a TOTW Set.

It’s the first of many Team of the Weeks in Madden NFL 24, as we start things off. To put the first week of action into a few words: It started off with a bang. We had a couple of heavy defeats; the most noticeable was the one-sided affair between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. The real question after watching the one-sided affair is: Did the Giants even show up to play?

So far, over the three weeks of NFL action, we have witnessed some well-contested matches, runaways, and more. It’s been hard to choose the best out of the lot with so many standout individual performances. We’ve already seen a couple of games that need extra time to decide a winner. We already lost one of the biggest names in the game to injury. And already, players like T. J. Watt have made up for lost time. 

While all of the players put in an extra shift for their respective teams, Madden has done an outstanding job increasing either their OVR rating or some of their important stats. The next question that stands is: who will be next in Madden NFL 24 to join the 99-elite list of players? The most recent player to join the exclusive list was Tyreek Hill. He joined the 99-squad last week.

There’s also a little time left to finish up all the Field Pass Rewards before season 1 ends. If you want to find out how to get through each Field Pass without any effort while gaining maximum rewards, you can read: How to Catch Up on Ultimate Team Events & Programs in Madden NFL 24

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