how to catch up with the field pass in mut 24
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Madden NFL 24: How to Catch Up on Ultimate Team Events & Programs

Learn the new way to catch the pack and move down the Field Pass quickly!

If you’re playing catch up in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team because you were late to the party, couldn’t find the time to grind, or only just got your copy of the virtual gridiron game, you could be asking yourself how to rush your way through all the different Field Passes quickly. Not to worry, EA has been trying to look after all their loyal players, new and seasoned. 

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They’ve introduced a new way for players to catch up with events and programs without having to grind. In this post, I’ll be guiding players and readers through the process of how to rush down the Field Pass without breaking a sweat. To learn how you can get the best player items on the Field Pass reward list, keep reading.

How to Catch Up on Ultimate Team Events & Programs MUT 24

To catch up on Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team Field Passes and acquire as many MUT items as possible, EA has installed a Field Pass Level Purchase, where players can purchase items directly from the Field Pass. Players will have to head to the Field Pass by pressing triangle on the home screen of MUT.

Under the reward in the center of the screen, players will see the option to purchase the Field Pass level by pressing square. Press square and follow the next step to confirm your purchase. If you don’t have the Madden Points to purchase packs, players can head to their respective online stores and purchase some Madden Points with their money. Yes, this method will become costly, but it is something players late to the call-up will have to consider if they want to have a competitive team to participate in challenges, solo battles, H2H battles, and other MUT modes and stand a chance of winning.

Buying HL, Legends, TOTW, or AKA player items is important to your success and a good way to hit the ground running and fill your team with some of the best player items available in these early stages of Madden 24 Ultimate Team. Some players out there already have some crazy starting lineups. There is no limit to the number of purchases you can make, so spend wisely.


Remember that Field Pass Purchases must be done prior to the start of the next season.

These Field Pass purchases will only be made available closer to the end of each season, giving all players the option of what they want to catch up with and who they want in their squad. The Field Pass Purchase for Season 1 and the Competitive Field Passes opened on September 15.

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