Are Madden NFL 24 Servers Down? How to Check For Server Maintenance and Outages

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Madden NFL 24 Servers Down | Madden 24 | NOV 2023
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Is Madden NFL 24 down for the day? In this post, I’ll discuss what’s happening with Madden 24, Ultimate Team, and how to check if Madden is currently down.

How to Check For Madden 24 Server Maintenance and Outages

To check for Madden NFL 24 server maintenance and outages, you can check Madden’s social media outlets. On X, players can follow the official EA Madden NFL account (@EAMaddenNFL), Madden NFL Direct (@MaddenNFLDirect), and EA Help (@EAHelp).

The other option to check Madden’s status is to head to the Downdetector site and the MUT.GG Discord channel. With the latter, you’ll be able to hear what the community’s discussions are surrounding downtime and more.

The final avenue, if all else fails, is to check out EA’s answer forum on the EA Madden website. Or, log into the game and check your inbox (press the touchpad to open your inbox) to see if there are any messages from EA.

Are Madden NFL 24 Servers Down?

The short answer is yes. As of November 16, 2023, Madden NFL 24 servers are down. The virtual gridiron game is out of commission for the time being until further notice due to EA running maintenance on the game.

Madden NFL Direct announced Wednesday morning on X (formally known as Twitter) that Madden 24 servers will undergo some maintenance starting at 6:00 AM ET. The communications posted on X further stated that only certain game modes will be affected by the shutdown. However, how long the servers will be down has not been confirmed.

What Game Modes Are Down in Madden NFL 24?

The only game modes down at the time of the maintenance on Madden 24 will be Ultimate Team and all online modes. Other modes where online features are not required will be playable.

In MUT, all Ultimate Team programs and Solo Battles were gated 30 minutes before the start of the maintenance. This is understandable considering that there is a new season upon us as MUT players welcome Season 3: Run It Back.

Players will still be able to play Franchise Mode, Quick Play, and Training Camp, while only certain features in Superstar Mode will be playable.

There you have all the information on Madden NFL 24 and the servers being down for the day. For more on Madden 24, you can read Madden NFL 24 Title Update 4 to learn what improvements were made with the latest major update.

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