Madden NFL 24 Legends Week 1 Rewards & Challenges

Obtain a legend to add to your Madden Ultimate Team lineup for Season 1!

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There is no rest for players following the release of Madden NFL 24, especially those looking to add some quality fielders to their lineup in Season 1 of Ultimate Team (UT). With that being said, EA has officially announced the Legends’ Challenges and Objectives. In this guide, I’ll be listing all of the objectives that are required to be completed to get your hands on rewards and a Legend in the early days of Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Legends Week 1 Rewards

There are five levels to overcome in Legends Week 1, with each level offering rewards upon completion. The rewards on offer are Ultimate Team Coins, Legendary Players of the Gridiron game, and Legends XPs and Tokens.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Legends Week 1 Challenges and Fantasy Packs (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Legends Week 1 Rewards List

Level RewardsRarity
Level 2 1,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 32,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 43,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 54,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 681+ Legend PlayerEpic

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Legends Week 1 Objectives

For 100% completion, players must collect 25 Stars when doing the Legends Week 1 Objectives. They are as follows:

  • Earn 20 Stars from Legend Challenges, 
  • Obtain a Debut Legends Player,
  • Obtain a Pro Legends Player, 
  • Obtain a Star Legends Player, and
  • Obtain an Iconic Legends Player. 
MUT 24 Legends Week 1 Challenges (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Are the Legends Chellengs Hard to Complete in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team?

No, the Legends Challenges are not hard to complete. However, they are tougher than the Headliners Challenges. Additionally, if your team has an Overall rating below 75, you’ll struggle to complete some, if not most, of the All-Pro and Competitive challenges.

If you do struggle, however, the best plan of action is not to run a play-action but rather complete some of the Headliners’ Challenges and obtain some Headliner players first to strengthen your starting lineup and then test your luck at the Legends list.

Importantly, Legends Challenges are only unlocked one at a time; once you’ve completed one, only then will the next one be available to play and complete. For more on Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team, you can read: How to Switch between Live Events on Madden Ultimate Team?

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