Madden NFL 24: How to Get Safety Isaiah Palo-Mao in Madden Ultimate Team

Getting the 6’4 Safety in MUT 24 is easier than you think.

latest player item drop Isaiah Palo-Mao | mut 24

At the start of all the Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team and Madden Championship Series 24 madness in August, there was a giveaway to receive a Micah Parsons player item and more. Now, move on a couple of months and deep into MCS action, and Madden is giving players a chance to obtain another top player item that will certainly boost your starting lineup ratings.

In this guide, I’ll be showing players what needs to be done to earn an Isaiah Palo-Mao player item before the cutoff date. Here is how.

How to Get Safety Isaiah Palo-Mao in Madden NLF 24 Ultimate Team

To stand a chance of earning an Isaiah Palo-Mao player item in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, players must link accounts, keep October 18 open, and tune into the Most Feared broadcast on the EA Madden NFL Twitch channel at 18:30 ET. The two accounts that must be linked before tuning into the MCS broadcast are your EA account and your Twitch account.

All MUT players must have an EA account to participate in any Ultimate Team program. Those who do not have a Twitch account must first create one and then follow the steps to join the two.

Following the linking completion, all that’s left for players to do is watch the Most Feared broadcast. Players must keep in mind that they must watch the full episode if they want to receive their Isaiah Palo-Mao player item. If you have already linked your accounts for previous MUT 24 drops, there is no need to link your accounts again.

Making the Isaiah Palo-Mao player item even more special is the fact that it was created by the six-time MCS serial winner, Henry Leverette. He recently stole the show at the first major MCS event and took the MCS belt back from Dez, the previous reigning champ.

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