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Lost Loot Machine Borderlands 3 Guide

by Ginny Woo

Not got a whole lot of time to organize your bags on the fly in Borderlands 3? Too busy looting and shooting? We totally get you. And, well, Gearbox clearly totally gets you also because if you’re someone who’s prone to leaving something valuable around in a scrap, they’ve now got the Lost Loot Machine in Borderlands 3 to pick up after you. More to follow!

Lost Loot Machine Borderlands 3 Guide

So, you might not be all that familiar with what the Lost Loot Machine in Borderlands 3 is. Well, think about all the times that you’ve been gallivanting around in the wild and suddenly figured out that your inventory’s full. Too full, in fact, to pick up some loot that you think might be useful later. Well, now you can happily leave it to the wolves and know that you’ll have the chance to access it later on when you’ve got some room to breathe and some space to dump out some other junk that’s kicking around in your bags. 

What are we talking about? Well, the Lost Loot machine. It’s something which sits happily in Sanctuary after you’ve swapped boots on Pandora for a bit of a more nomadic life. How it works is pretty simple – you’ll interact with it for the first time while you’re in the Crew’s Quarters, and it looks a bit like a giant arcade machine. Essentially, anything that you find out in the wild after you’ve encountered this machine that’s of a Rare rarity or above will be automatically transported into this Lost Loot Machine for you to peer more closely at when you’re back on Sanctuary after a mission.

Yes, this means that you can essentially leave cool gear kicking around if you’re just repeatedly farming the same boss for a Legendary (like Graveward, for example, and we have a guide for that right here for you) and you just find that your pockets fill up way too quick but you don’t want to break up the flow of the farm to do some inventory trimming. It’s easy enough to just keep gunning through enemies and to be safe in the knowledge that something will be hoovering up all the cool stuff that you just don’t have time to sort through while you’re busy killing things. Just don’t forget to check out the Lost Loot Machine when you’re done and to actually claim it all; it can fill up fast over time!

Now that you know about the insurance policy that is the Lost Loot Machine in Borderlands 3, organizing your inventory should be a bit easier. if you’re not a hundred percent convinced that you should pick up Borderlands 3, then check out this trailer for Guns, Love and Tentacles below? If it wasn’t enough to be ushering in a new horizon of love for some of our favorite NPCs ever in the game, the fact that it’s just adding to your looter shooter fun means that Borderlands 3 is basically packed to the gills with content and there’s even more to come in the future.

Once we’ve convinced you, come and pick up a copy of the game yourself using this Amazon link to support Prima Games at the same time. Talk about handy, yeah? Once you’ve had a browse and you’re enjoying your taste of the Vault Hunting lifestyle, come back to our dedicated guides hub for the game and check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for players like you to look at:

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