Look Out COD DMZ: White Lotus Mission Guide

Climb the castle.

Look Out DMZ
Image via Activision.

The Look Out story mission is the first one that appears for the White Lotus faction in the Call of Duty DMZ, and Operators are tasked with finding a nondescript IR beacon off the coast of Ashika Island. My guide will show you exactly where to find the beacon and where to place it so you can complete your mission.

Where to Find the IR Beacon on Ashika Island DMZ

You can find the Look Out IR Beacon all the way north of Oganikku farms in the waters of Ashika Island. There is a small island on the E1 section of the grid that is nothing but rocks. On this small piece of land, you can find the IR Beacon sitting by itself, ready to be picked up.

IR beacon location DMZ.
The green square is the IR beacon location. Image via WZHUB.

Simply take the IR Beacon for yourself, add it to your backpack, and now the first part of the White Lotus Look Out mission is completed. But that’s not everything. Even after I got the IR beacon for myself, I had to bring it to the Ashika Island Castle so the area can be marked by the White Lotus.

Where is the Ashika Castle in COD DMZ Look Out

The Ashika Castle is another name for Tsuki Castle, which is the major POI in the center of the Ashika Island map. This is by far the most dangerous part of the island that can contain a Juggernaut and the Bomb Maker Commander. You need to make your way to the castle with the IR Beacon in hand.

Ashika Island Tsuki Castle DMZ
Image via WZHUB.

Once you arrive, it’s time to finally plant the beacon. Make your way into the Tsuki Castle POI and take out enemies around you to make the process easier. After they have been dealt with, climb the castle and get on the roof. As you search the roof, there will be an indicator for the IR beacon and that’s all there is to the Look Out mission.

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After the beacon is planted, extraction isn’t necessary. The mission complete will appear on your screen in the DMZ and a whole new tier of White Lotus missions will be available to take on.

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