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What Does Lock-On Do in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Your opponent wonโ€™t escape the next attack, thatโ€™s for sure!

by Ashley Anthony
Pokemon GO

Are you looking for an attack that works best against fast and evasive Pokemon? Are you here to find out what Lock-On is, what it does, and what Pokemon that can learn Lock-On has the highest TDO?

Good on you for choosing this write-up, as you will learn all the abovementioned and more to better your battling knowledge when planning a possible raid. Letโ€™s get into it without further delay and find out โ€œwhat does Lock-On do in Pokemon Go?โ€

Here You Will Learn the Following About Pokemon GOโ€™s Lock-On:

  • What is Lock-On in Pokemon GO
  • What Lock-On does
  • Which Pokemon With Lock-on Has the Strongest TDO in Pokemon GO?
  • What Pokemon types Lock-On is not effective against

What Is Lock-On?

Lock-On is a fast, non-damaging Normal-type move. It deals as little as 1 damage, generates 6 energy, and has the fastest cooldown of all the fast moves. Its cooldown takes 0.3s animation intervals.

Lock-On is also a move that thrives in partly cloudy weather. It deals increased damage to certain types in partly cloudy conditions and gives players โ€œSure Shotโ€ status. 

โ€œLock-On is a Normal type fast move that deals 1 damage and generates 6 energy in Pokemon GO. It has a 0.3s cooldown and it deals damage between in the 0.17s to 0.3s animation interval. Lock-On is boosted by PartlyCloudy weather and it deals increased damage to types.โ€


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Pokemon GO Lock On Move Stats
An illustration of Lock-On Move Stats. (Screenshot: Pokemon GO Fandom)

What Does Lock-On Do in Pokemon GO?

After effectively using Lock-On, all accuracy checks against your opponents will 100% hit their target until its effect wears off. The time it takes to wear off depends on the generation of the Pokemon.

You will not miss any moves with Lock-On. However, despite its 100% accuracy, the move can still fail and miss for other reasons. For instance, TM132 in Generation IX, Baton Pass, can be used in defense against Lock-On.

Which Pokemon With Lock-on Has the Strongest TDO in Pokemon GO?

Some Pokemon can learn this move when leveling up, and some can be taught it through breeding. Here we have taken the top five Pokemon that score the highest Total Damage Output (TDO) with Lock-On.ย 

The top five Pokemons with Lock-On

  • #378 Regice (DPS 5.76, TDO 379.78)
  • #474 Shadow Porygon-Z (DPS 10.41, TDO 361.81)
  • #377 Regirock (DPS 5.47, TDO 360.24)
  • #233 Shadow Porygon2 (DPS 8.11, TDO 333.43)
  • #474 Porygon-Z (DPS 8.43, 293.01)

What Pokemon Types Lock-on is Not Effective Against

Not every attack will work against any Pokemon; the same goes for Lock-On. Here is a list of Pokemon types Lock-On is almost ineffective against.

Lock-on Is Not Very Effective vs:

  • Ghost 
  • Rock 
  • Steel

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