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Little Nightmares Ending Explained and Story Explanation

by Prima Games Staff

The Little Nightmares ending has a lot of people confused. This article explains what happens in the Little Nightmares ending, as well as the Little Nightmares story and plot.

While there’s no definitive Little Nightmares story at the moment, we’ve pieced together what seems like the most logical explanation of what’s going on in the game.

So let’s take a dive into the Little Nightmares ending explained, but be warned that spoilers are ahead.

Little Nightmares Ending Explained and Story Explanation


The Maw

Little Nightmares The Maw

Almost all of Little Nightmares takes place on a ship known as The Maw. This underwater vessel is visualized by a small island that sticks up above the water, with a large tower protruding from the island-like structure.

Seemingly rich visitors take a ship to the island for the sole purpose of indulging their unquenchable appetites. Every single guest in Little Nightmares is an obese person with an appetite for any kind of meat, including the flesh of children.

The Children

The Maw is essentially a prison and a resort for the rich and glutinous. The children on board are taken from their homes and placed in the bottom of the ship, which serves as a prison.

At first the children are given beds and toys to play with. However, as they grow and start to gain weight, they are placed in cages and the chefs in the kitchen prepare the children to be served to the guests as food.

The Nomes

The Nomes (no G) are directly related to the children taken prisoner. There’s very little interaction with the Nomes during the main game, but the children in the prison have made drawings of them and the Nomes are afraid of anyone they come across, including your character.

When are able to get close to a Nome, your first response is to give them a hug, which results in the Nome following you for a short time. Playing through the Secrets of the Maw DLC provides more information on the Nomes.

They are what’s left of the children in the prison and any child who crosses The Lady. Toward the end of the DLC, your character (The Kid) is caught by The Lady and turned into a Nome. This happens to be the same Nome that Six eats toward the end of the main game.

These children have all been taken from their families, which is why you hug them to make the Nomes feel better. This is also why the Nomes are afraid of anyone and everyone, but eventually allow your character to get close.

Six and The Lady

Little Nightmares Lady

Your character in Little Nightmares is a 9-year-old girl named Six. She is seemingly the daughter of the Lady, who is the geisha-like individual who seems to be in charge of the Maw.

Most theories point to Six being the Lady’s daughter who is cast down to the prison with the other children when the Lady realizes Six is more beautiful than she is. Several portraits of Six can be found near the Lady’s residence.

The Lady is obsessed with beauty, but smashes every mirror in her presence because she can’t stand to look at herself.

It’s assumed that the Lady is never satisfied with how she looks, and even wears a geisha mask to cover her face, despite breaking every mirror around. Only one mirror remains in the upper levels of the Maw, and the Lady keeps it locked away so no one can get to it.

The Lady also has the power to drain people of their life force. It’s theorized that she runs the Maw in an attempt to fatten up the guests so she can eventually drain their life force and take it for her own immortality.

When Six uses the mirror and light to knock the Lady unconscious, she devours her to take this power as her own, then uses it on the guests as she makes her way out of the Maw.

We’ll continue to update this article as new theories arise, but if you’re having trouble getting through the game be sure to check out our Little Nightmares game hub for strategy and advice!