Lies of P vs Lords of the Fallen – Which is Harder?

Are you a real boy, or are you a proper Lord?

It’s a battle of the Souls-likes, with a new challenger approaching to attempt to take the crown of “Hardest Game of the Year.” While Lies of P was a rather challenging game, offering a variety of enemies and bosses that could take you down before you noticed they were coming your way, Lords of the Fallen may be ready to deliver the killing blow. While both of these titles are rather difficult games, only one can emerge victorious, so let’s find out if it’s the massive, towering characters of Lords of the Fallen or one real boy.

Is Lords of the Fallen Harder than Lies of P?

As you would come to expect from two similar Souls-like games, they’re both going to offer grim worlds with plenty of difficult combat that will put even the most skilled players to the test. After verifying with multiple folks here at Prima, we can confirm that Lords of the Fallen is a much more forgiving game overall compared to Lies of P, which can be fairly difficult at times. So, in this particular case, Lies of P takes the crown for the more difficult of the two.

That’s not to say that Lords of the Fallen still can’t be unforgiving, however. It’s still a rather challenging game, but those who are new to the Souls-like genre overall may find that they can progress through this world while keeping their soul intact. It seems that Lords of the Fallen has plenty of ways to help players throughout their adventure, which makes it all the more appealing to gamers who may not excel at other games in the same vein.

No matter if you conquered the 2014 game of the same name or this is your first journey into the world of Lords of the Fallen, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our section below to get plenty of helpful tips and tricks that can make your journey into this world all the more exciting. Be sure to upgrade your Umbral Lamp as often as possible to keep the odds forever in your favor.

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