How to Upgrade the Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen

A better lamp.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral Lamp
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In Lords of the Fallen, the Umbral Lamp is one of your most essential tools. It allows you to traverse the void between Axiom and Umbral, Soul Flay your enemies, and slot Umbral Eyes to become more powerful as you explore the world. While the game doesn’t make it completely obvious, you should focus on how to upgrade the Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen. It’s well worth the trouble!

Upgrading the Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen

To upgrade the Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen, you must find a rare crafting material, Antediluvian Chisel, and return it to Molhu at Skyrest Bridge.

Lords of the Fallen Molhu
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But where is Molhu? That’s not immediately obvious, either. While wandering around Skyrest Bridge, you’ll note that, like other areas in the game, it has a separate realm in Umbral. You want to use your Umbral Lamp to shift into the undead realm, then head up the stairs to the left of the Skyrest Bridge Vestige, along the wall behind you. You will find Molhu there, and he will join the hub area.

What Does Upgrading the Umbral Lamp Do?

When you spend the Vigor and resources to upgrade your Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen, this already-useful tool becomes more powerful. It increases the charges of Soul Flay, allowing you to stun enemies in combat, and increases the number of available sockets to buff your passive abilities.

Where to Find Antediluvian Chisels

Like other rare crafting materials in Lords of the Fallen, Antediluvian Chisels are typically locked behind challenging game areas, such as boss fights. The first one is located in Calrath, just before the Infernal Enchantress.

Otherwise, you can find Antediluvian Chisels at:

  • Lower Calrath
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
  • Fief of the Chill Curse

Remember: Once you find an Antediluvian Chisel, try to use the closest Vestige to return to Skyrest Bridge. The upgrade is well worth the journey.

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