All Upgrade Materials and How to Use Them in Lords of the Fallen

Every upgrade material you need to keep an eye out for!

Lords of the Fallen Vestige
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While many of the Soulslike genre revolves around repetition in learning the various areas and boss attack patterns, they’re still role-playing games. As such, you can spend time leveling up and upgrading your gear to improve survivability and damage output. In fact, you should. In Lords of the Fallen, there are numerous upgrade materials, from healing items to weapon upgrades, to bolster your effectiveness. Here are all of the upgrade materials in Lords of the Fallen.

All Upgrade Materials in Lords of the Fallen

There are six unique upgrade materials in Lords of the Fallen. These improve various aspects of the game, including increasing the damage of a weapon, the defense of a shield, or the healing efficiency and power of Sanguinarix.

Upgrade MaterialDescription
Small Deralium FragmentA small ore fragment used to upgrade basic weapons up to +3
Regular Deralium NuggetsAn ore used to upgrade basic weaponry and shields up to +5.
Large Deralium ShardsA large ore fragment used to upgrade basic weaponry and shields up to +9.
Deralium ChunkUpgrades weapons, armor, and shields to +10.
Saintly QuintessenceA relic designed to upgrade the potency of Sanguinarix.
Antediluvian ChiselA rare item used to upgrade the Umbral Lamp.

You will want to focus on Saintly Quintessence, as this rare relic is the only way to upgrade your healing items in Lords of the Fallen. Furthermore, a limited number of Saintly Quintessence and Antediluvian Chisels are in the game, so keep an eye out.

As for the various Deralium ore pieces, you can loot throughout each area of the game and bring them back to Skyrest Bridge to the blacksmith to upgrade weapons, armor, shields, and Catalysts.

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