Lies of P: Should You Kill or Spare Alidoro?

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After going through the hell that was Chapter IX, you come back to a destroyed Hotel Krat in Lies of P. By picking up a few hints along the way, you’ll know that Alidoro was the one ratting you out and, ultimately, responsible for the attack by collaborating with the Alchemists. This is confirmed after you enter the hotel, and reach him once you get to Chapter X. He’s been helping you up until here, but it might be time for this dog to kick the bucket.

Should You Attack or Ignore Alidoro?

After beating the Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit in the Relic of Trismegistus, you’ll meet no other than Alidoro. He’s just standing there, but not menacingly in the slightest. He’s impressed by how easily you dealt with the whole brotherhood (even if you got your butt kicked a few times before the kill) and tells you about the submarine you can take. 

He’s not returning to the hotel, but you can buy his weapons and speak with him normally here. Additionally, you can also attack him for what he has done to your friends. Talking will give you more background on a specific character while choosing to attack Alidoro won’t immediately kill him. 

If you show your own fangs to this coward hound, he tells you that he knows about your limitation. As a puppet, you cannot attack others if they don’t attack you first. But turns out that we aren’t just a regular puppet. You can either step back or keep your decision of attacking him. Let’s see both outcomes.

Stepping Back from Alidoro in Lies of P

Alidoro will stand here for the remainder of the game if you step back. You can always come back here with the Stargazer you just unlocked after the last fight, but it’s still less practical than going to the Hotel. His goods will be available at all times, and you can get the extra lore bits from talking with him. But you should definitely go for the other option. You can always come back and choose the other option, though.

Attacking Alidoro in Lies of P

If you go for the kill, Alidoro will quiver in fear, and you can dispose of him in a single hit. You get some humanity for doing so. Just make sure you got all of his dialogue options before disposing of him.

If you did the Eugenie and Alidoro mini-quest previously in Chapter VII, he drops the Alidoro Cryptic Vessel, which you can take to Pulcinella to analyze back in the hotel. After uncovering its contents, you can speak with Eugenie and reveal that the real Alidoro was her brother, and the one you just killed had murdered him and taken his place.

This explains all the inconsistencies regarding Alidoro’s reputation and attitudes, culminating in treason against the Hotel. After speaking with Eugenie, interact with the Stargazer and speak with her again to get the The Story of A Stranger Girl trophy.

Can You Still Buy Special Weapons If You Kill Alidoro?

You can still get the unique weapons initially sold by Alidoro even if you kill him. His unique shop had various Special Weapons and powerful Amulets, but he was not that good of a merchant to keep selling them from his grave. Fortunately, we have Hugo, his follower whom we met back in Chapter VIII, taking care of his belongings. 

He took the liberty of visiting Alidoro’s corpse and “borrowing” his goods to take on his legacy, and it’s now stationed at the same place where Alidoro was in Hotel Krat. Just visit the same area next to Antonia, and he’ll be there, selling whatever goods you haven’t got from Alidoro yet and for the same currencies. 

That said, killing Alidoro is the best choice as you won’t lose any of his benefits. It also helps with some extra humanity, but not nearly enough to ruin a truth-only run where you want to avoid humanity to get one of the endings. It’s also generally better to buy weapons in the Hotel than go all the way to a specific place in a specific chapter to look for them.

Beating powerful bosses and getting new Rare Ergos will also add new weapons to the Hugo shop, so you should definitely still keep them instead of consuming them for a slight power-up.

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