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After beating the first big roadblock in Lies of P, you’re rewarded with an interesting reward: His Ergo. Using it will instantly reward you 5000 Ergo, but its description implies that it’s actually better than you might expect. Should you keep that extra currency in inventory for later or is it okay if you just crack open it immediately? 

Should You Use a Rare Ergo in Lies of P?

You should never use a Rare Ergo you come across, and should keep it instead. Despite instantly getting that huge amount of blue currency being a very tempting move, these special pieces of Ergo, which are exclusively earned from bosses, can be traded for special weapons and Amulets at a later point in the game. These special Ergo can only be obtained once per playthrough, so if you consume it, you lose the chance to get the weapon or amulet forever.

Spoiler alert

The following contains some spoilers for later events in the game. Read at your own risk.

Once you reach the end of Chapter IV, you will come across this elevator next to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer. You should reach it after crossing the Decay water in front of the Stargazer. Take it and you should find an interesting figure up in the cathedral. He’s none other than Alidoro, the Treasure Hunter merchant wearing a hound’s mask.

Lies of P Rare Ergo Alidoro Location
The elevator’s entrance | Screenshot by Prima Games

Alidoro offers you a selection containing Special Weapons and Amulets that are particularly stronger than the ones you usually get. But instead of regular Ergo, they all cost you Rare Ergo from each of the bosses you’ve come across this far. Once you get a new Rare Ergo from another boss (such as the Fallen Bishop Andreus, the next one you should be facing), you can pay this dog a visit to see what he has to offer.

Lies of P Rare Ergo Explanation
Screenshot by Prima Games

These weapons are some of the strongest ones available in the game, and you should definitely save your Rare Ergo for these. No amount of regular currency, which you can normally farm for, would be worth losing on such weapons and amulets. They can easily carry you through the game, so save the Rare Ergo for them.


When Alidoro asks you if you know of a safe place, be honest and tell him about Hotel Krat. He’ll move to the Hotel and will be easily accessible for buying these weapons later. Don’t lie to him about Venigni Works. If you did, he won’t immediately die, but be honest with him the next time you see him.

Should You Buy the Weapons or the Amulets from Alidoro?

You will notice how there’s always a pair of weapon/amulet that costs the exact same boss currency. There’s a weapon and an amulet requiring the Parade Master Rare Ergo, for example. It’s up to you which of them you should get. Consider which type of weapons you’re used to playing or how good each amulet actually is to your play style.

Lies of P Rare Ergo Amulets
Screenshot by Prima Games

There’s no reason to get the Holy Sword of the Ark if you don’t like Greatswords, for example. The Conquering Amulet, however, is an extremely powerful item, so this might be a better choice for other builds. You can always go for the other item in a New Game + run if you really feel like being a completionist.

Where To Get More Rare Ergo

Each major boss (monster or puppet) will drop its Rare Ergo once it’s defeated. But since you can’t rematch them, there’s only one Ergo to be earned per playthrough. Your only way to get more is by starting a New Game + after finishing the game. This is the only way you can get all of the Alidoro special items.

Once you get the hang of it, Alidoro will become your best friend in the game (at least for a while), but just be careful with your maximum weight as some of the Amulets are particularly heavier than usual, and you don’t want to be slower than expected for a boss.

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