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Lies of P: How to Farm Hidden Moonstones

Not so hidden anymore, huh?

Leveling your weapons is crucial to beating puppets in Lies of P, and you’ll need Hidden Moonstones to do so. These can be difficult to find at first, so we’ll show you how to farm Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P.

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Where to Farm Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P

You can start farming for Hidden Moonstones as soon as you reach Chapter IV and find the Krat Supply Box hidden in the St. Frangelico Cathedral. Otherwise, you can only find Hidden Moonstones in secluded locations around the game’s areas because, as their name implies, they’re hidden.

When exploring the Cathedral, keep following the regular path, and you’ll eventually reach a room where you must defeat an elite Monster with a shield on his right arm. This is a tough monster, so it may take a while to deal with it.

Monster guarding the path to the chest in Lies of P
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once it’s finally defeated, the closed door in the room will finally open, and you can enter the nearby cells. You will find a red chest containing the Krat Supply Box.

  • Path to the door with the chest in Lies of P
  • Lies of P Room containing the chest for getting Hidden Moonstones

From here, all you gotta do is return to the Hotel and speak with Polendina to buy as many Hidden Moonstones as you want. Each of them costs 300 Ergo, which is quite easy to make in a few rooms filled with monsters.

Lies of P Hidden Moonstones Shop
Screenshot by Prima Games

Alternatively, enemies will naturally drop Hidden Moonstones once you reach Chapter XI. But since this is the very final Chapter in the game, it might be a little bit too late for that. But you probably will already have leveled as many weapons as you wanted by now.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P

Hidden Moonstones can be used to level weapons up to +3 when you start using Crescent Moonstones instead. These are slightly harder to come by than Hidden Moonstones, but Poledina will already be offering a few of these for you at his shop. 

You can also find Crescent Moonstones around the world, sometimes dropped as loot by enemies. There are a few areas, such as the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and Malum District, where you can find them hidden in nooks and crannies. You’ll find four Crescent Moonstones in the Black Seaside.

Best Way to Farm Ergo in Lies of P

The best way to farm Ergo is to find a farming loop spot. Farm loops are basically when you run through a certain area over and over, making sure to respawn the enemies each and every time. When done properly, you’ll amass a ton of Ergo quickly. Here are some popular farming spots to loop:

  • Elysion Boulevard Entrance – You’ll want to run through the Elysium Boulevard entrance to farm enemies. You’ll find plenty after the point at which you lower the ladder in the level. Go through this area until you hit the first stargazer again, then use that to loop.
  • Krat Central Station Plaza to Cerasani Alley – You’ll need to run back and forth between the stargazers in both Cerasani Alley and Krat Central Station.
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Loop – The Stargazer path in this level naturally loops back on itself to the beginning, making it a very efficient farm spot.
  • Barren Swamp Entrance’s Fire Puppet – Find the Stargazer at the entrance of the Barren Swamp and you’ll also see a Fire puppet carrying a shovel. You can kill him very quickly and you’ll get around 4.1k Ergo each time.

Make sure you equip plenty of Ergo boosting Skills, along with Hunter’s Amulets for an extra boost.

If you’re trying to level Special Weapons, these will use a completely different upgrade material. They’re obtained by a special method with the Bosses’ Ergo, after all.

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