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Lies of P has an interesting customization feature, which lets you change your weapon’s handle and/or blade, which affects how it works and which special skills (Fable Arts) it has. Most of your arsenal is fully customizable from the beginning, and some very remarkable combos can come out of it. And you’ll need some of these to deal with some of the most obnoxious puppets that may be roadblocking you. Here’s how to change blade handles in Lies of P.

How to Customize Blade Handles in Lies of P

You can start customizing weapons in any Stargazer or with Eugenie in Hotel Krat. You can do it from the Stargazers as soon as you beat the Mad Donkey and interact with the one past him. Select the Assemble Weapon option and you can make any blade/handle combo you want. The final weight and skills are determined by your crafted combination.

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Damage is determined by the blade, which is the one you upgrade when you enhance your weapons with Eugenie. If you got your favorite blade to +5, it stays this way regardless of which handle you attach to it. 

Handles determine your combo style and cannot be enhanced, so the best handle is always the one you do better in battle with. They won’t affect your damage directly, but having a weapon that you can’t properly combo with will probably make your life harder than it should.

The other important part of customization is regarding Fable Arts. Each blade and handle has a certain Fable attached to it, which cannot be changed. When you mix two of them, the resulting weapon will have both of these skills available for use. A good example is attaching a handle with a shock-imbuing effect to a fast-hitting blade, which will make your opponents quickly affected by that negative status.

You can test your new mix in the training garden next to Eugenie, where you have infinite Fable Arts charges and health. Customizing your weapon is entirely free, so you can assemble and assemble them as much as you want.

Should You Alter Blade Handles in Lies of P?

Yes, customizing can make a weapon a thousand times better than normal. It’s not the norm, but it might happen. Having the exact effects you want with a combo you feel comfortable doing is priceless for a good blade, so you should take some time during your playthrough to find out some new combos, especially if you’re stuck on a certain boss.

Lies of P Change Blade Handles Menu
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But getting the right combo out can be harder than you expect, so don’t worry about finding it immediately. If you can’t seem to find a fitting combination, just sticking to the regular weapon is fine too.

Can You Change Handles for Special Weapons?

Some weapons are obtained exclusively from Alidoro after handing him the special Rare Ergo you got from bosses. These weapons are static and cannot be customized, so you have to use them as they are. 

They also use different items to level up, which are harder to come by than the regular Moonstones. But they’re way stronger than your average regular weapon, so there is some advantage to using them. You also don’t need to find extra Moonstones, although they’re easier to get as you progress through the game.

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