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Lego Marvel’s Avengers Boss Guide – Loki, Red Skull and More

by Prima Games Staff

Spanning across several events from The Avengers and other Phase 2-based Marvel films, Lego Marvel’s Avengers contains hours’ worth of missions to complete, as well as various characters to unlock (over 250) and other things to find – including Stan Lee in peril! 

One thing you’ll want to take note of are the boss battles, which pop up during certain situations We’ll tell you how to beat some of the toughest bosses in Lego Marvel’s Avengers to ensure you continue onward! 

Loki, Level Two

You’ll first deal with Loki as he attempts to apprehend the Tesseract in the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. You won’t go mano-e-mano with him, but instead with the thugs he sends after Hawkeye and Nick Fury.

First, deal with the techs that Loki sends your way via mind control, but don’t get too close to him – his magic will push you back. Instead, target the silver crates in the area using Hawkeye’s explosive arrows, which will leave some building bricks behind. 

Create a S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal with these bricks, which will move a large crate that will drop, forcing Loki to double back. He’ll send even more technicians your way now. Deal with them and build something from the pieces left behind by the crate. A new Technology Panel will now be accessible. Fury will be able to activate it, which will power up a nearby lift, along with opening a door. 

Use Hawkeye’s Sonar Arrows to target the window of blue bricks right next to the door. A long-handed switch will soon appear, and you can use either character to get to the platform on the lift. Once it gets to the top height, jump off, grab the switch and use the generators to stop Loki temporarily. 

He’ll then generate clones of himself. Just beat them senseless as quickly as you can and he’ll be done – that is, until he takes control of Hawkeye and gets away with the Tesseract. This will conclude that particular boss battle.

Red Skull, Level 3 

This will take place during a flashback scenario, when Captain America first comes face to face with his adversary the Red Skull. You’ll first tangle with him through a quick-time event, so just follow the commands to get through them. After that, activate America’s Shield Mode to deflect incoming blasts from Skull’s gun and keep moving closer. Eventually you’ll get close enough so that Arnim Zola will destroy a large portion of the catwalk, forcing America to back off.

Use your shield to put out the nearby fire, then look for debris right behind it. Use a sticky grenade to create a springboard, then jump across on it to the Twirl Poles, avoiding Red Skull’s attacks in the process. This will bring an abrupt end to this boss fight, but at least you survived. 

Level 4, Thor 

Yes, the epic battle between Iron Man and Thor is in the game. When it comes to dealing with his attacks, use Iron Man, as he can destroy silver Lego bricks to open a path to get to him at first. 

Thor will begin attacking soon after. Watch for button prompts that will let you turn the tables and bring the fight back to a balanced level.

The Asgardian will get knocked back, but he’ll hit the ground with lightning attacks. Watch out for these spots, but watch for bricks left behind by the blasts. You’ll be able to use these to create a giant chainsaw. You’ll notice that Thor will shoot a bolt of lightning nearby a Shield Deflect Pad. Use Captain America to deflect this with his shield so the burst hits your chainsaw. From there, Iron Man will bring Thor crashing back down to Earth. 

You’ll need to hit a few more button prompts correctly again, then look in the area where Thor is standing next to a few trees. Use the scanner to blast these sections. 

Once more you’ll blast trees, but this time to reveal a bridge. Thor will shoot more lightning at you, so dodge these attacks and use the bricks left over as debris to create a Technology Panel. Activating it will bring in cargo containers, which will now create an immense cannon. Use it on Thor one last time and he’ll have some sense knocked into him. 

Level 8, The Winter Soldier 

The next major boss fight will involve Captain America taking on The Winter Soldier from the movie of the same name. He’ll stand above while some thugs move in. Watch his gunfire while you take care of them, and try to have Shield Mode turned on for extra protection. 

He will eventually drop down, but watch for his snare. It’ll tie up one of the characters, forcing you to switch to the other as you battle him. Using a strike should break the other free of the snare. 

The best thing to do here is simply keep striking the Winter Soldier, and eventually you’ll wear him down and end the level. Watch out for those snares! 

Level 9, Aldrich Killian 

The, ahem, “real” Mandarin makes his presence felt at the end of this stage, and here’s how to beat him. First, watch out for his fire beams, as they can do severe damage to your characters. Dispatch any guards that pop up along the way, but make sure you keep an eye on Killian.

Watch out for his jumping punch after, and strike at him to deplete his health meter. Eventually, he’ll go back to a higher platform and shoot at you again. He’ll jump back down, so repeat the process. 

At some point Tony Stark will lose his armor, but watch for a yellow cart that falls onto the platform. Deal with any remaining guards and build the cart to reveal a Technology Panel. Use it and Killian is as good as finished. 

Level 10, Malekith 

The main baddie from Thor: The Dark World poses a threat, but he can be beaten. Strike at him when he immediately appears, but he’ll eventually turn on a red bubble-like shield to avoid further hits. Take down his dark elf thugs and then go right after him once more, but watch for his attacks when his elves come in. 

Continue to avoid his red strikes and keep hitting him, and you’ll eventually go through a portal to another area. You’ll see some bricks on the ground, blue and white, that will allow you to put together a Gravometric Spike. Build it as quickly as you can, then activate this to begin a scan. 

You’ll head back to where you were before on Earth, with more elves showing up to attack. Take them out and Malekith will increase in size. He’ll begin to charge up a powerful beam, but you can charge Thor’s hammer and counter it easily, finishing him off for good. 

Level 12, Hulk 

It’s time to show the big green guy who’s boss with the Hulkbuster! Once he’s armed with it, watch for Hulk’s charge attack. Hit your button at the right time (over Iron Man’s head) and you’ll avoid damage. After doing this a few times, Hulk will take to higher ground, but you can target the gold bricks on the marquee to bring him back down to the street. Veronica will then assist with a cage to put Hulk back in your sights. 

Once again, hit the button over your head to knock the Hulk onto a nearby building, though he’ll come back down to your level in no time. You’ll take some damage with the Hulkbuster, forcing Veronica to lend you a hand as it gets repaired. Once it’s fixed, the battle will shift to a nearby roof, where you’ll continue dodging attacks and striking hard. 

Eventually, your fight will reach a communications tower. Veronica can be prompted to drop gas canisters around the Hulk at this point, which will slightly weaken him. Use this as an opportunity to move in with Iron Man and stop him for good.

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