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Lego Marvel’s Avengers: The Best Vehicles In the Game

by Prima Games Staff

Lego Marvel’s Avengers has more than enough superheroes to go around, with over 200 characters to unlock throughout the game. However, not everyone wants to just get around on foot, as it can take quite a while to get through the massive hubs.

Fortunately, that’s what vehicles are for, and we’ve got some suggestions regarding the best ones that you can find in the game. Whether you prefer a big, hulky vehicle to destroy traffic with, or something a little more suave (like Lola), these are worth taking a test drive with.

How To Unlock Vehicles

For the most part, vehicles can be unlocked by partaking in racing events around hubs and Manhattan. They appear in white and purple rings, and you’ll want to make sure you have a vehicle on hand before you pass through. Once you do, the race will begin as you go through, and you’ll need to pass all the rings in a certain time frame. If you do it, you’ll earn the bonus vehicle associated with that race.

However, you can also purchase vehicles by going over to the Call-In Pad that appears in certain part of the stages. Keep in mind, though, that you may need to partake in individual challenges in order to unlock a vehicle first. Once that’s done, though, your purchase can be made.

Avengers 4X4

This rough-and-ready tumbler is ready to coast the city streets, and resembles the vehicle that first appeared in the opening Loki chase in the original Avengers 2012 film. To unlock it, you’ll need to find the vehicle hub in Manhattan and fork over 25,000 bits.

Avenging Cycle

While Black Widow’s motorcycle is certainly a bad-ass ride, there’s something about a Captain America-styled “Avenging” cycle that feels like a proper fit for road testing. You can find this vehicle within Manhattan, and it’s all yours for 65,000 bits.


Want to be a bit destructive in your vehicular runs? Call upon the Bulldozer. It’s not the fastest ride out there, but it’s great if you feel like letting loose some aggression on city streets. Pick it up for 5,000 bits in the South Afraid vehicle hub.

Captain America Monster Truck

Of course, a monster truck. Because nothing beats running over traffic in the name of America! To get this sweet ride, snag 80,000 credits and look for the vehicle hub in Manhattan. Take that, Red Skull!

Hawkeye’s Tractor

While a tractor doesn’t seem like the best choice when it comes to cruising around, we have to admit that it’s actually quite cool, especially when you’re leaving enemies in your dust. Find the vehicle pad in Barton’s Farm and you’ll be able to snag this for a sweet deal, at 5,000 bits.

Ice Cream Truck

Anyone else feel like reliving the glory days of Sweet Tooth’s merciless destruction from Twisted Metal? Well, while it doesn’t have guns, this Ice Cream Truck lets you run rampant through the Marvel universe. Snag it in Manhattan for a measly 5,000 credits.

Pizza Van

Cowabunga! The Ninja Turtles may be nowhere in sight (sorry, wrong comic universe), but this pizza van delivers some fun riding as you go through racing events. Sadly, pizza not included – but the ride is free since it’s unlocked right from the very start. (There’s a taco truck as well, though it’ll set you back 10,000 bits in Manhattan.)

Stark’s Sportscar

The Iron Man suit isn’t the only way to get around the world of Marvel, as you can easily hop into Stark’s Sportscar and cruise down the street like a boss. It’s even better with the top down, so you can feel the breeze in your hair as you speed up for justice. Grab this for 50,000 bits in the Malibu hub.

Chitauri Chariot

Why do you need to have all your fun on the ground? The Chitauri Chariot is a great way to get some air, while at the same time you feel like you’re taking over the city, ala Loki. (Alas, you’re not, but, hey, one can dream.) Get this for 60,000 bits in the Manhattan hub

Hawkeye’s Skycycle

This ride may look a little funky – it resembles a spinning fan on the front and just has a weird vehicular shape in all – but it definitely gets its mileage as a premium aerial vehicle. Grab it for 100,000 bits in the Manhattan hub.

HYDRA Quinjet

Just because you don’t work for Hydra doesn’t mean you can’t steal their vehicles. This HYDRA Quinjet looks like a dream and handles even better. Get yours for 80,000 bits in the Manhattan hub.


Sorry, Agent Coulson, but we’re touching Lola. For our final recommendation, this suave sports car doubles as a superb aerial vehicle – perfect for those getaways to Asgard. Snag one of your own for 75,000 bits in Manhattan.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers is available now.