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Lego Marvel’s Avengers: Asgard Hub Guide – Rainbow Bridge, Stan Lee

by Prima Games Staff

Out of all the hubs featured in Lego Marvel’s Avengers (including Manhattan)one of our favorites is Thor’s Asgard, due to its immense size and multiple things to see and do.

On that note, below is a quick list of highlights to keep you busy before moving on to the next story mission.

Take a Walk on the Rainbow Bridge

Before you do anything in the world of Asgard, you’ll get started on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, a large, glowing walkway that will take you inside of the city. This is a good chance to stop and enjoy the décor while at the same time getting a look at your surroundings so you have a good idea where to go next.

As you do this, turn around and look for a Lego container, located right outside the entryway. Here you’ll find one of the six gold bricks. The rest are scattered in various buildings, so be sure to take the time to explore so you can locate them all.

Save Stan Lee

Similar to the previous hubs, famous comic book author Stan Lee is in peril, but you can save him and get that much closer to unlocking his character.

First off, locate a small pile of dirt outside the State Room. By doing this, you’ll find a black Lego brick container, with contents you can utilize to make a switch. Once it’s set to go, you’ll be able to turn off the energy field holding Stan prisoner.

All that’s left to do is extinguish the nearby flames in the room, and Stan is as good as safe. Excelsior!

What Characters Can You Find? 

There are several bonus characters scattered throughout Asgard that you can add to your collection. Here’s a quick rundown of the famous faces you’ll encounter through both Discovery and Mission tokens.




Mighty Destroyer

Thor (Jane Foster edition)


Beta-Ray Bill

Dark Elf


Thor Girl



Unlocking Two Cool Vehicles

There are two race events in Asgard. One is located on the left island, right near the staircase leading off the Rainbow Bridge; the other is on the right side, on the outer path leading to the nearest room on the right hand side.

By completing these events, you’ll unlock one of two vehicles. The first is an air race that will provide access to Loki’s Chariot, while the second will allow you to cruise around in style in a miniature version of Malekith’s Ship.

The races are fairly easy to win, provided you’re used to the vehicle controls.

Have fun in Asgard, and don’t forget to look for secrets!

Now that you conquered Asgard, learn about the coolest heroes in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, along with the best vehicles and our hub guide that’ll let you get the most from the game.


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