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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Unlock everything with Prima’s Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham guide!

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is easily one of Travellers’ Tales most involving Lego games to date, due to the immense size of the levels and the inclusion of over 150 playable characters. That didn’t make it easy for us to select the best heroes and villains to choose from in our previous Best Characters feature.

Yesterday, we covered the general basics for completing levels and figuring out how costumes work. Today we go further in depth to discuss suits and vehicles, as well as provide advice on how to complete a level 100 percent and find bonus items.

Let’s get started – Gotham (and the planet, for that matter) won’t save itself.

The best suits for the job

When you first get started in Lego Batman 3, you’ll find Batman and Robin pursuing the nefarious Killer Croc, who puts up quite a fight as he runs around in the sewer. In order to defeat him in the best way possible, you’ll need the right costumes for the job.

In this case for Batman, you’ll want to use the Sensor Suit. While this doesn’t provide him with any new physical abilities, it will allow him to use a headset that can scan everything in the environment. This creates a nifty vector-like effect in the level, while also showing you key points you can access, either with your Batarang or simply flipping a switch. Another fun thing to do with the Sensor Suit: finding hidden goodies. Scanning for weaknesses in a wall could allow Batman to bust through it and collect what’s on the other side, including more Lego coins or other items.

Robin isn’t useless either. Over the course of the level, he’ll come across a Hazmat-style Hazard Suit that will protect him from harm. He’ll need it, too, as he and Batman explore a level flooded with dangerous toxic waste. While wearing the suit, Robin can travel over it with ease to reach the other side, activating a higher platform that will allow Batman to safely get across. Remember, if you’re playing with a friend, keep teamwork in mind – don’t leave anyone behind.

In addition, Robin can pick up debris with his Hazard Suit, collecting red, yellow and green trash and putting them into a nearby recycling machine. It’s important to collect the minimal amount as indicated on the digital readout of the machine (you can check this with the digits on the back of Robin’s suit), so you can meet the minimum and get the required goods from it, such as bricks to build a new object to move further into the level. So if you see this debris, scoop it up, then head for the machine.

More suits will be introduced over the course of the game, but try to stick to the core outfits assigned within each level. They are the best overall.

Get Behind the Wheel

Where does Batman get those wonderful toys? No idea, but in Lego Batman 3, he and the others have access to them, flying around in vehicles or driving in cars that can get them further into a stage. Sometimes you’ll be required to hop in these to get over a certain obstacle or combat flying enemies in space, but don’t worry about them too much. They’re easy to control.

Simply walk up to the vehicle of choice. If you’re compatible with it, you’ll see a “Y” or “triangle” prompt (depending on the version you’re playing), and you can jump right in. Not all characters are compatible with these vehicles (the larger ones simply won’t fit), but for the most part, they’re wholly accessible.

Once you’re in, simply use the analog stick to move around. Movement is easy to master, and the power of a vehicle can also help you mow down enemies and objects with ease, collecting the coins inside. Don’t be afraid to venture off and destroy more stuff – there’s a reason for that, as we’ll cover below.

If you see a vehicle – or even something along the lines of a simple rotary cannon – don’t be afraid to hop in. It’ll serve its purpose in that part of the stage, and help you take out the goons in no time.

Giving (and Getting) One Hundred Percent

Finally, a vital part of any given Lego game is completing each level 100 percent. You’ll see how much progress you’re making with this by filling up a meter that appears at the top of the screen. It’ll start out empty at first, but will soon fill up with the more coins you collect. Once it’s completely full, you’ll be recognized as a “True Hero” and the meter will continue to glow.

Finding coins is a cinch in each stage, but gathering enough to fill the meter is a completely different story. You and a friend should wander around levels and collect coins lying around. In addition, be sure to break up objects to reveal more coins, such as trash piles, construction gear and other similar obstacles. As you do, you’ll see the coin progress pick up and eventually fill the meter. 

Once you fill it a hundred percent, you’ll be awarded an additional gold brick, on top of the one you receive for completing the level anyway. If you’re about to finish a stage and don’t have quite that much, head back and break up a few more objects to clean up on the spare change.

Gold bricks pay off in the long run, allowing you to unlock more bonus levels and characters. The more of them you have, the better you’ll be overall. So don’t hesitate to get greedy and collect those coins. Bruce Wayne’s fortune can’t cover everything.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PS Vita.