Legendary Card Tier List in Murder at Castle Nathria Hearthstone Expansion

Wanna know what Legendaries to craft Day 1?

Now that all of the cards have been revealed in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion for Hearthstone, it’s time to review all of the Legendary cards that will be playable in a matter of weeks and, of course, to grade them in a Tier List. Even though the cards have not been fully seen in action yet, we’ll be brave and step forth with our predictions. Make sure to stop by this article in a couple of months to see how we did!

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Tier List of New Legendaries in Murder at Castle Nathria in Hearthstone

We’ll keep this format to five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D:

  • S Tier: Best of the best, should impact the meta greatly, or even shape it as a whole.
  • A Tier: Decent addition to the decks, will see a lot of play but won’t break the meta.
  • B Tier: Average. And you know what they say about average in these games. Not good enough! However, you can use them as filler if you pull them from a pack, or in some very niche decks.
  • C Tier: Below average. Takes a lot to set up, and yes, they can do a lot of fun stuff and win you games, but more often than not, they will cause you to lose due to the inconsistency.
  • D Tier: Unplayable.

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S Tier Legendary Cards in Murder at Castle Nathria in Hearthstone

Baroness Vashj is an enigma of a card, but we’re taking our chances and are putting her out here. Such a high potential to abuse all available transformation cards for board flood. We have good faith that Baroness Vashj won’t let us down and that we’ll at least see a lot of hilarious Hearthstone moments videos on YouTube.

Kael’thas Sinstrider is absolutely dangerous. You need to just straight up remove him as soon as possible, or else you risk a lot of nasty stuff happening. The combo that everyone seems to be parroting right off the bat is Kael’thas Sinstrider, Brann the Bronzebeard (all Battlecries trigger twice), and a FREE minion of ANY mana cost (hopefully a BIG Legendary that will absolutely turn the game around if you’re losing or seal the deal if you have the upper hand. Nerf, please?)

Prince Renathal has a great effect that expands your Deck to 40 cards and grants you 40 starting health. This gives you the ability to add more useful cards to your deck and expand on your deck-building ideas. It also allows you to survive longer in the match and allows you to withstand a very aggressive deck until you set up (if you are running a slower-paced deck).

Theotar, the Mad Duke is not that good with stats but the sole threat that’s inscribed in his text is game-changing. As of the moment when this card becomes playable, you are discouraged from holding on to your strong cards, because Theotar can and will come unannounced and take the card away from you. And then what? You’re toast, that’s what. Ripping out win conditions from other people’s hands is cruel!

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A Tier Legendary Cards

  • Ara’lon – Dormant Wildseeds are fairly decent and we have faith that this card will do decently.
  • Lady Darkvein – Very, very potent card, but counterable, or else it would end up in S Tier.
  • Kryxis the Voracious – “Skull of Gul’dan Simulator” as we’ve named it. 4 mana 7/7 is a sick stat and a great topdeck.
  • Necrolord Draka – Very, very strong card. If you manage to conserve enough cards. It’s like a modern Edwin Van Cleef. We’re thinking that 2/3 weapon is valuable enough with the stat line of 4 Mana 3/4, but if you push it to 4/3, you might have just won the game if the opponent has no response.
  • Pelagos – We’re getting flashbacks of Lightwells being pumped to 30+ Health and having Inner Fire cast on them.
  • Remornia, Living Blade – We’re going with A on this. It can rush, and then you get an additional attack with your Hero, and if it lives, it gets moved to the battlefield and it can attack, AGAIN. So, with some minor drawbacks, three instances of four damage for 7 mana, with the possibility of the card surviving to strike again next turn. This might even hit the S Tier as the situation develops.

B Tier Legendary Cards

  • Artificer Xy’mox (we’re lucky that this is text and not video or else we’d embarrass ourselves with the pronunciation) – These relics are fun but as we said above, by turn 8, most of the games are already decided. This card is completely cool otherwise. We’ll see the impact it makes, but we don’t see it past A Tier.
  • Imp King Rafaam – Takes time to work. Forces you to play Imps. We’ll see how this develops.
  • Kel’Thuzad, the Inevitable (fake news, only Thanos is inevitable) – With all due respect to the glory and fame of Kel’Thuzad’s name, the previous one from Naxx was much better.
  • Topior the Shrubbagazzor (we triple-checked the name for typos) – This might go to A Tier depending on how the meta evolves. Sometimes, the game is over by the time you manage to draw, play, and gain value from this card. In some lucky circumstances you can cheat it out earlier and then the game becomes a mess. 3/3 Whelp with Rush built in is a BIG annoyance to deal with.

C Tier Legendary Cards

  • The Countess – We do not believe that renouncing all Neutrals is possible for a stable win rate and that it’s a good trade-off for three random legendaries even if they were free to cast. It takes time to draw Countess, and it’s a Turn 7 card. However, we see Wild players enjoying the HELL out of this card.
  • Decimator Olgra – Great counterpunch card because it can crash into 2-3 enemies, crap otherwise. If you’re putting this card in you do not have enough faith in your deck. There are better clear/comeback cards to put in.
  • The Harvester of Envy – So first you need to copy an opponent’s card, play it, and then you can steal it. That’s too much convolution right there. Yes, you’ll pull it off once every 15 games for a meme video on YouTube. Dear Harvester, have Envy towards Theotar!
  • Huntsman Altimor – You really need to keep this card from Turn 1 in your hand if you want to get value out of it. The companions are great, but there is a very similar card that does this immediately after you draw it for just one mana more…
  • Orion, Mansion Manager – No. Just… No. Okay, maybe sometimes, but usually: no.
  • Sire Denathrius – What kind of a knock-off C’Thun is this? I’m not putting all of my turn’s resources on this. And for it to work, it needs to be a dead draw in your hand from the very start. Jeez.
  • Sesselie of the Fae Court – Odds are you will be getting a low-cost minion, so this is not worth it on average. Good for meme videos though.
  • Stewart the Steward – If It gave the stat bonus to all future Silver Hand Recruits then we’d be talking. It’s easy to break the chain.

D Tier Legendary Cards

  • Murloc Holmes – We are prepared for the hate online for this placement but after watching the mechanic of this card we’ve reached the following conclusion:
    1. It might be easy to guess the card in the opening hand because it should be a low-cost card that has been played, but it can always be a high-cost card that got there in the mulligan,
    2. It is not that easy to guess which card is in the opponent’s hand right now because anything could have happened by the time Murloc Holmes hits the board.
    3. It is somewhat easy to guess what the opponent has in the deck.
    All in all, even if it’s a 33% chance to guess with all the knowledge you might have, it’s not good.
  • Halkias – Slow to get to work, easy to counter.
  • The Stonewright – Oh, so you have a brutally nice Totem-based deck, we hear? Let us sing you the song of the people who like to put your key card at the bottom of your deck. That’s the ironic way of putting “don’t put your eggs in one basket” in this review.

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