Learn About Zucker in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Got time for a lil tako? Learn about Zucker in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the lowdown on everyone's favorite little octopus.

Forget about collecting as many Bells as possible in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for one minute. Sure, that’s well and good, but it’s all about forging connections with all the people who come to live on your island, right? Whether they’re a bear, a bird, or even an octopus sometimes, it’s about being neighborly and fostering community. We’ll help you with the first step – you should learn about Zucker in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Learn About Zucker in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are a whole ton of different types of animals available to inhabit your deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Whether we’re talking the likes of Blathers who basically hangs around there 24/7 or Gonzo, a koala, you can have a whole menagerie of neighbors from all over the world. If you’re after Gonzo specifically, we have a guide on him specifically so that you can get on his good side if he’s puttering around your place. However, let’s get back to the man of the hour – Zucker.

Zucker is an octopus, and we reckon he’s named the way he is because of the suckers that octopi have on their tentacles. Well, that’s our theory anyway. This isn’t the first Animal Crossing game that Zucker has appeared in; he was also in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so this makes him a returning villager for the purposes of New Horizon. When you meet him, you’ll notice that he’s one of those villagers who looks like a popular food item. Forget hotdogs or cake. This time, Sucker looks like takoyaki, the popular Japanese street food snack of octopus balls. We honestly think it’s pretty cute.

For those curious about Zucker, here are some of his basic details:

  • His birthday is on March 8
  • His hand sign is Rock
  • He’s a Pisces
  • His catchphrase is “bloop” (this is honestly just too cute”)
  • His favorite music is Spring Blossoms

Now that you’ve been able to learn about Zucker in Animal Crossing New Horizons, hopefully the little sucker has grown on you as much as he’s grown on us. Like all lazy villagers, he can be a little bit of a slob but we absolutely think that his catchphrase is adorable and there’s something uncanny valley about an octopus waddling about on land. If you don’t yet own a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, why not pick one up here using this Amazon link so that you can support Prima Games at the same time? Once you’ve gotten all caught up on the island lifestyle, pop back on over to our dedicated guides hub for the game to check out some tips and tricks that we reckon will be useful:

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