Latest Spider-Man 2 Patch Removes Venom Free Roam

An update that takes some of the fun out of Spider-Man 2!

venom free roam removed with patch notes 1.001.005
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Despite being out for almost a month now, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is still one of the most discussed games. Recently, Insomniac released an update that took away the little extra fun players had when not playing the main story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Patch Removes Venom Free Roam

Version 1.001.005 patch is the most recent update applied to Spider-Man 2. Besides several bug fixes and performance stability solutions, a fun glitch that involved Venom was removed from the game.

Previously and before the arrival of the update, players were able to free-roam New York City as 19 inches of Venom. The glitch that was identified by an avid player allowed you to maneuver your way around the main story of the game.

Once you got it right to exit the main story without abandoning the mission, you could swing around, take a swim, and take a bike ride while being the main villain of the game. What you could do was limited, but fun nonetheless.

Sadly, all the Venom fun is over now after you install the latest update, and you’ll have to wait for another player to break the game and find some new tricks for the rest of us.

“Addressed an issue where the player character could leave a mission and enter the open world resulting in corrupted save.”

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All Spider-Man 2 Fixes: Version 1.001.005 Release Notes

Several fixes were applied to Marvel Spider-Man 2 that involved fixes to MJ missions, NPCs acting weird, as well as some gameplay resolutions.

Here is a list of issues solved with Version 1.001.005 Release Notes:

  • Cases where NPCs spawned on top of each other at the harbor have been fixed.
  • There was a problem where one hit could defeat you when playing an MJ mission on a higher difficulty. This has been corrected.
  • The collision error has been fixed.
  • The issues where players would get stuck while playing the final Marko Memory mission, players getting stuck while running a wall, characters getting stuck in combat, and Peter Parker getting stuck on a bench or rail have all been resolved.
  • The Venom free-roam glitch during the main story mission and character switching during the defeat sequence have all been fixed and will no longer occur.
  • They’ve addressed the issue where the wrong Spider-Man could receive phone calls when players switched characters.
  • The issue where players would lose the ability to jump and when inputs would not register after zipping or grabbing memory crystals has been fixed.
  • The Spider-Man 2 game reloading problem following a restart after defeat by bosses has been solved.
  • The Hang Ten Trophy incorrect count flips have been fixed.
  • The models not loading after long playing sessions have been updated and repaired.
  • The corrupted save issue caused by characters leaving missions in Spider-Man 2 has been resolved.
  • Issues where hiding the HUD would cause some missions to fail have been resolved.
  • Stability improvements.

There you have all of the fixes carried out with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Version 1.001.005 Release Notes. For more on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men, you can read about Miles Morales Being the Main Spider-Man and find out what’s next in Insomniac’s Spider-Verse.

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