Miles Morales Confirmed By Insomniac As the Main Spider-Man Following Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The keys to the city have been passed to the new hero of New York!

Insomniac confirms that Miles Morales will be the main spider-man
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After two weeks and a little since the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac has been revealing some interesting news regarding their Spider-Man universe and what could come next in the series. Recently, there was some major Miles Morales news that dropped.

In an interview with Gizmodo, the game’s writers confirmed that moving forward, Miles Morales will be the main protagonist in Insomniac’s Spider-Verse. Yes, that’s right, the Spider-Man with the extra special abilities will be New York City’s primary Spider-Man following the conclusion of Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 writers Brittney Morris and Ben Arfmann spoke on Miles taking the mask from Pete to be the watcher over NY:

Morris: “It always felt very natural, and I think we all collectively thought it would happen. To me, it shows a great deal of evolution from Miles; at the beginning of the game, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life. By the end, we had Miles carrying the burden of saving the city, and also carrying Pete when Pete wasn’t strong enough to carry himself at various points.”

Arfmann: “To echo what Brittney said: the idea of a two Spider-Man story was always really essential to this game. I think pretty early on, we knew that we wanted to have that moment of handing the reins over. And as we developed it, as we started to lay down more track leading up to that moment, it just felt more and more right.”


The news of Miles taking the reign from Pete doesn’t come as a big surprise because of the way the game played out and what transpires once you’ve completed the main story. The two Spider-Men were struggling to juggle between their personal lives and their duty to keep New York safe, much like the Spider-Man story we’ve come accustomed to.

Following the heartache, the drama, the twists, the turns, the action, and the outcome of the Venom fight, Miles and Pete’s moment at the end teased the fate of Pete’s time as Spider-Man and ushered in the beginning of Miles as New York’s hero. While Miles “got this” Pete will go out and “be Peter Parker for a while”.

Although you can continue to switch between Miles and Pete in the aftermath, it’s pretty much a dead giveaway that Miles is the new sheriff in town. With his new suit and new attitude, he appears primed to take over the job.

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