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Hunting Hares in Kingdom Come Deliverance

by Bryan Dawson

The Prey is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. During this quest you will be tasked with hunting hares. In fact, you’ll have to compete with Sir Hans at hunting hares, so it’s a good idea to learn how to do this if you want to move on with the quest. In this article we’ll cover hunting hares in Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can make it through the Prey main quest and continue on with the game!

Hunting Hares

We’re assuming you’re in the middle of The Prey main quest, but if you’re not, the hunting process should be pretty similar. First off, pick up a sword and bow from the large box at the camp site. Once you have your weaponry equipped, you can use either to hunt the hares, but we suggest using the sword as it’s a bit easier (although more time consuming).

With the bow you can just shoot the hares as you would any other target. The problem is that the hares can be difficult to hit, especially if you’re not the best marksman. If your shot is as bad as ours then you’ll want to use the sword instead. When using the sword all you have to do is run after the hares. Give it some time and they’ll eventually get stuck on a rock or some other obstacle. When this happens, strike them down with your mighty sword. Don’t forget to loot the hares once you take them down.

If you’re looking to win the competitive against Sir Hans, you’re going to need a few hares, so don’t just stop once you have one. We stopped at four hares and won the competition, but we’ve seen reports of people winning with as few as two hares. At the very least we’d recommend collecting three or four hares before you skip time to the evening hours and speak with Lord Capon at the camp site.

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