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Jedi Survivor Stances Explained – Crossguard, Blasters, & More

Kylo Ren?

Cal Kestis has three different ways to utilize his lightsaber in Fallen Order, and the list of combat options for our hero is even larger this time around. Not only will players be able to upgrade their favorite combat stances in Jedi: Survivor, but Cal will also have some unexpected options at his disposal.

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During the final round of previews for the upcoming Star Wars sequel, some of the combat stances were available to use. A couple of them were still missing though, and those details were filled in so that fans can have a good idea of what to expect, which we’ll cover in this guide.

Combat Stances Listed in Jedi Survivor

Now that the launch of the game is so close, we know there are at least five different combat stances coming to the game. One involves the addition of a fan-favorite design and the other brings on an uncivilized option. Below you can find all five stances that Cal Kestis can use.

Jedi Survivor Combat Stances:

  • Single blade/standard – The classic lightsaber that is meant for single-target duels and is the best all-around option in combat. You can’t go wrong with this.
  • Double-blade/saber staff – For those who want the Darth Maul look, this saber combat stance is meant for crowd control against larger groups of enemies.
  • Dual Wield – In Fallen Order, dual wield was only an aggressive ability. In Jedi Survivor, it’s a full-blown stance meant for high risk and high reward.
  • Crossguard – This option is meant to feel like a slow but deadly single-target option.
  • Blaster – The final combat stance on the list, blasters can even be used in tandem with some saber stances.

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Although there are five confirmed combat stances for Cal to use, only two can be selected at any given time. These can be swapped out at the meditation spots around the map, which serve the same purpose that they did in Fallen Order. Upgrading these stances will be integral to your power spikes and how you play as a Jedi in the latest Star Wars game.

And that is all! For more guides, news, and updates, make sure to check out the dedicated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor section of our site.

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