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Jedi Survivor: How to Reach the Forest Array

What's the Koboh Matter?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Forest Array Jedi Survivor

The story in Jedi Survivor has a slow burn as the game begins, and it is not until you reach the Forest Array with Cal Kestis that the pace really begins to speed up. Reaching the array is an entirely different story though, and you will have a few obstacles in your path before you can get there.

The main path before the array is the Basalt Forest, which is a much wilder version of the terrain outside the High Republic structures. Plenty of danger will appear along the way, and you will need all the Jedi acrobatics at your disposal to reach the end of the path.

How to Reach the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor

Step one to reaching the array is to open the forest gate that leads to the full forest. This area can be found in the Swindler’s Wash to the right of the Mantis ship platform. Head through the wash and open up the gate across the ravine with some simple jumps. The door will give you access to the Basalt Forest.

Most of the initial path in the forest is wall running and zip lines. Continue along these paths until you reach a split marked by a Mediation Point. You will need to unblock the path by heading to the right side and fighting through the Stormtroopers, which are looking for the Forest Array. Fighting along this path will lead you to the other side of the split. You can continue going up from here to fight a Mogu and eventually find a Stim for a healing upgrade in Jedi Survivor. I would take the time to grab the upgrade so you have better chances of survival in the area.

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When the way has been cleared, there will be an open path straight ahead from the Mediation Point. Head down this way until you find a Bilemaw, which needs to be taken out. After the Bilemaw has gone down, you will find a pillar on either side of the wall that you can Force Pull out. Pull the one on the right, climb on top, then pull the one across to reach the other side. Now you can easily make your way to the Forest Array entrance in Jedi Survivor. Watch out for the first signs of Koboh Matter and stay off the ground.

In the array itself, you will have plenty of wall climbing ahead to avoid the Koboh Matter. The goal is to work your way around the array and pick up the blue orbs, which can be slotted in the glowing pedestals. These create a beam that dissipates Koboh Matter. Utilize these beams to finish up the Forest Array section in Jedi Survivor.

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