Jedi Survivor: All Jedi Chamber Locations

It's time to train.

Jedi Survivor has a lot of hidden secrets, especially around the planet Koboh. Some of the most well-hidden areas in the game are the Jedi Chambers, which you will need to obtain all of them in order to unlock a special upgrade for your map. Here are all of the Jedi Chamber locations, in which you will need a multitude of different story upgrades to actually be able to access.

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Jedi Survivor: All Jedi Chamber Locations

You’ll encounter the first Jedi Chamber as part of the main story shortly after landing on Koboh, this is where you will meet Zee the robot. Progress far enough on Koboh to do this mission and you’ll walk away with the first Jedi Chamber complete.

Here is a list of all of the Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

  • Rambler’s Reach outpost
  • Basalt Rift
  • Corroded Silo
  • Untamed Downs
  • Viscid Bog
  • Devastated Settlement
  • Mountain Ascent

Now let’s break each one down.

Rambler’s Reach Outpost

As we mentioned earlier, this one you will encounter through the main story

Basalt Rift

You’ll find this one while making your way to the Forrest Array as part of the story. Look for the bridge with the rope, swing across is and enter the big cube on the other side.

Corroded Silo

For this one you’ll need the power to lift objects which you get pretty late into the story. Once you can lift lids, you’ll be able to get on top of the Corroded Silo, lift up the lid, and enter it. You’ll find the Jedi Chamber entrance marked on the map above.

Untamed Downs

Make your way up to the Jedi Temple archways using the vines around the side. Climb up and inside to find the next Jedi Chamber.

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Viscid Bog

For this one you’ll need the lift ability to lift up the rocks sunken into the bog. Climb up the rock and jump onto the ziplines next to the meditation point. You’ll be able to enter the Jedi Chamber form here.

Devasted Settlement

This one is very tricky. Enter using the Grand Courtyard fast travel point and look to your right. Below you’ll see a bird on the ledge below you. Hop down there to find a small crack in the rocks to find the Jedi Chamber. You’ll need to use the last across the way to burn off the gunk and reach the perk.

Mountain Ascent

Mountain Ascent you can access once you get the dash ability. Dash through the green laser door and head straight for the waterfall. The Jedi Chamber will be tucked away behind the waterfall; just walk through it.

Once you’ve gotten the last Jedi Chamber you will have access to a map upgrade at the Alignment Control Center that will allow you to see all missing upgrades for Cal.

That’s everything you need to know about the locations of the Jedi Chamber. If this was the last thing on your checklist, it’s time to start a new game plus.

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