Jedi Survivor: How to Get the Poncho

The infamous Poncho has returned.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has a lot of customization. You can change your lightsaber parts, color, Cal’s clothing, and BD-1. Of course, you’ll need to find all of these different parts and clothing scattered around the galaxy. One piece of clothing that fans, and even Cal Kestis himself have been adamant about obtaining is the poncho. So, how do you get the poncho in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? We’ve got the answer for you below.

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Jedi Survivor: How to Get the Poncho

  • Make your way to For Kah’lin on Koboh
  • Find the northeast side where the droids are standing on a building
  • Drop down into the pit
  • Fight Spawn of Oggdo
  • Loot the chest behind it when the battle is finished

To obtain the poncho, you’ll need to defeat one of the trickiest bosses in the game. You’ll need to beat the Spawn of Oggdo, which, if you played Fallen Order, you’ll remember Oggdo being a tough weird little lizard that probably kicked your butt up and down the planet for hours.

Head over to Fort Kahlin on Koboh, which is on the northeast side of the map. From here you’ll need to clear out some of the enemies and make it to the northeast side of the fort. Get on top of the building, where you’ll see a few droids and a shiny piece of Priorite on a metal door. Drop down onto it, and the floor will open up, dropping you and the droids into a pit. Here Spawn of Oggdo will be waiting for you.

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You’ll need to kill Oggdo to loot the chest behind it containing the Poncho. It’s a tough fight and we recommend bringing plenty of healing. We found that using the Blaster stance and attacking from a distance is the easiest way to avoid the tongue attack that can one-shot you. Using your jump to take on Oggdo is far more beneficial than trying to evade as Oggdo’s attacks have a very wide radius.

Once you’ve defeated Oggdo, pick up your poncho, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re taking damage when falling into the pit, try turning off fall damage in Jedi Survivor.

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