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Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error

Activision’s modern military warfare battle-royale, Call of Duty: Warzone, is susceptible to server outages like most other always-online games. With frequent patch updates, bug fixes, and overall improvements, servers are bound to hit some bumps in the road every now and then. If you’re on this page now, chances are you’re encountering this issue as well. Is Warzone Down at the moment? Read on to find out how to check Warzone server status.

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How To Check Warzone Server Status

Several online sources are available to check if Warzone servers are down. If you’re having issues joining the fray, try checking out these sites:

Activision Support Site

  • Activision’s official support site can provide some information and links to help you get your connection fixed, but may not offer the most up-to-date information on the game’s server status. If Warzone’s servers are up, but you can’t connect, this site may help you out.


  • Everyone’s favorite server status reporter comes to the rescue once again. Downdetector collects and reports server stability information for nearly all online games, and is one of the best sources to check a server’s status. Check this site to see if other players are reporting connection issues.

Call of Duty Official Twitter

  • Call of Duty’s official twitter page may offer the latest updates on Warzone server status, but you may not find information there unless it’s a major, large-scale issue. If the developers have any information on maintenance or when servers may be back up, you’ll likely find it here.

Is Warzone Down Right Now?

As of August 16, 2022 at approximately 2:30pm ET, Warzone servers appear to be having some downtime. According to Downdetector, over 7,000 users have reported an outage, which usually means that this isn’t an isolated issue and that servers are having trouble. Though, Activision hasn’t reported any major problems on their end, so you can expect servers to be live again shortly. We’ll keep you updated if any major changes occur until then.

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