Is Vampire Survivors on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

Has the day finally come?

One of our favorite games of 2022 at Prima Games is Vampire Survivors, and based on our SEO data, it’s the same with our readership. It’s just a great, little game, isn’t it? And if you’re still on the sidelines wondering what the best way to jump in is, or when, the question of Game Pass is gonna come up. After all, it’s the “best deal in gaming,” right? So if you’re reading this you’ve probably heard the phrases “Vampire Survivors” and “Game Pass” together. And then the question of, is Vampire Survivors on Xbox Game Pass is a reasonable result of that. I mean, that’s why the headline’s there.

Can you play Vampire Survivors on Xbox Game Pass?

Great news, everyone! From November 10th, 2022, Vampire Survivors is finally available on Xbox Series S and X, and it is definitely available on the Xbox Game Pass as well. From now on, you can sit back in your couch and kill endless hordes of enemies with your controller! Here are the official resources on this matter, from the Xbox Official Website:

Can you play Vampire Survivors on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Vampire Survivors was not optimized for Xbox One, so Vampire Survivors is a next-gen console game, available only on Xbox Series X and S. There are currently no known plans for the game to be available on Xbox One in the future, sadly.
Assuming that you are reading this as a new Vampire Survivors player, don’t worry, you’re in the right spot.
Prima Games has shown great dedication in following this Indie masterpiece and you can grab a guide for almost every unlock in the game under the Vampire Survivors Game Tag under the article, or under the search option in the upper-right corner.

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