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Is There a Buy Station in the Koschei Complex DMZ? – Answered

Don't let your resources go to waste.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Buy Station Koschei Complex

Buy Stations are one of the most important aspects of any extraction zone within the COD DMZ mode, but not every map is as obvious as Al Mazrah when it comes to spawns. For areas like Building 21 and the Koschei Complex, there is no map that shows the location of Buy Stations, but they do exist, and I found the Complex Bunker spawn myself.

Where to Find the Koschei Complex Buy Station in DMZ

You can find the Koschei Complex Buy Station in the Factory Admin section of the bunker in the DMZ. This is the only station that you can find in the entire area, which makes it more valuable and more dangerous than stations from standard zones. Reaching the Factory Admin on its own is a process that requires a key.

To get the key to the Factory Admin in DMZ, you must pass the initial entrance you chose for the Koschei Complex. Once you reach the central Chemical Plant in the dark, you must head to the central vents. Anytime I look through the vents, I can find at least one Factory Admin Key on the ground. That means you won’t need to rely on any luck.

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With the key in hand, it’s time to find the Koschei Complex Buy Station in DMZ. I always move to the right side of the central Chemical Plant until I reach the wall. Keep following the wall until you locate the Factory Admin door and place the key to the right. This will open up some cramped corridors ahead.

After reaching the end of the corridors, you will reach a wide-open room. The Koschei Complex Buy Station is located in this wide open room to the right side entrance. There are two floors, but the Buy Stations are located on the first floor with their own marked room. Now you can take all the collected materials and get some new equipment.

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