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Is the SVD Good in DayZ? – Answered

The Dragunov sniper rifle

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Is the SVD Good in DayZ

In the brutal world of DayZ in the Soviet-inspired Chernarus country, it is best to keep as much distance as possible from enemies and zombies that roam the most drab and depressing setting imaginable.

There is no better way to keep an eye on your enemies from a distance than with a good sniper rifle. In this mashup of military simulation and the zombie apocalypse, it is possible to find and use many realistic weapons, including The Dragunov semi-automatic sniper rifle known simply as SVD. But you want to know – is it any good in DayZ? Let’s see.

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Is the SVD Good in DayZ?

Well, the SVD is not the best for distance, nor for close range, but it is still considered by many to be the best sniper rifle in the game because it is very good in many other statistics. It is a fine all-around weapon that is very beginner friendly too. It’s also worth noting that this gun has a modifier for 0.0008 dispersion that easily makes it the most accurate rifle in the DayZ. So, the short answer would be – yes, it is very good!

System of Dragunov

What are the SVD Specifications in DayZ?

See the list below for all SVD Specifications:

  • Bleed Chance: 200%
  • Blood damage: -500
  • Effective range: 1000m
  • Fire mode: Semi-auto
  • Health damage: -200
  • Shock: 500
  • Shock (Head): 20,000

Where to Find SVD in DayZ?

Now that you know everything about SVD it is time to go and try to find yourself one! To find SVD in DayZ you will need to scout some Mi-8 wrecks around the map and try to find it there. It is an extremely rare spawn with a very low 10% absorbency, so good luck!

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