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DayZ 1.46 Patch Notes

Patch day is upon us!

by Nikola L

On November 30, 2022, Kyiara, the Community Manager on DayZ forums, announced the Patch Notes for Dayz 1.46 (version 1.19.155542) for both PC and Console versions of the game. Nothing much has changed in terms of content, but there are some decent fixes going on in this version of the game, which the community will be very happy about.

DayZ 1.46 PC 1.19 Update 4 – Version 1.19.155542 (Released on 30.11.2022)

Below is an excerpt of the DayZ PC Patch Notes:




Source for PC Patch Notes

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DayZ 1.46 Console 1.19 Update 4 – Version 1.19.155542 (Released on 30.11.2022.)

Below is an excerpt of the DayZ Console Patch Notes:



Source for Console Patch Notes

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