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Is The Outlast Trials Coming to Consoles? – Answered

Couch co-op? Nah, I don't think so.

by Nikola L

Horror games and consoles are a pretty good duo. I cannot say “Name a better duo” because pitchforks and torches will arrive in front of our office instantly. But honestly, it’s a great experience when playing a horror title on a big screen from your couch in a dark room. Now imagine The Outlast Trials on consoles, and to top it all, in multiplayer! “Where do I sign up?” I hear you ask. Here’s what you need to know.

Is The Outlast Trials Coming to Consoles?

It is! But we have no idea when, with Red Barrel stating the following:

“We are working on console versions but will need more time, that will come with full launch – the Early Access process is also to help us make changes in game, essentially it is a part of our dev process and it is easier to manage on PC. But we still have the full intention of supporting as many platforms as possible when the full launch happens”

From 2023-04-19: “We are working to have The Outlast Trials be playable on as many platforms as possible with cross-platform play but no cross-progression. This will take time and we aim to have this for full launch, but it won’t be available for EA.”

From 2023-04-26: “EA will have cross-play so Steam and EGS players will be able to jump into games together, however there is no cross-progression so all your saves on Steam and EGS will be separate.”

Quotes from Red Barrel

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Will The Outlast Trials Be on PlayStation 5?

While there has been no official confirmation at the time of writing, it is implied that The Outlast Trials will appear on PlayStation 5 when the game is ready for the full release.

Will The Outlast Trials Be Available on Xbox Series X and S?

So far, there has been no direct information about Xbox Series X and S, other than the vague information in the announcements made so far.

When we have more information, we will make sure to update the article. Until then, you can enjoy The Outlast Trials on Steam and Epic Games on PC.

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