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Will The Outlast Trials Have Crossplay and Cross-Progression? – Answered

Outlast... Together?

The Outlast Trials are out since May 18, 2023 (the Early Access version, at least), and a lot of horror enthusiasts and fans of the Outlast franchise in general are already gathering to experience this brand-new multiplayer experience in the Outlast universe. Since the Outlast Trials have been confirmed for PlayStation in the future, the natural question pops up: Will you be able to use Crossplay and play The Outlast Trials with your friends that have a PlayStation, as a PC user, and vice-versa? And also, will you be able to use Cross-Progression, if you own both PC and PlayStation? Let’s find out.

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Does The Outlast Trials Have Crossplay Between PC and PlayStation?

It should be possible to play The Outlast Trials together between all PC and PlayStation players, but, the console versions are still under development, Early Access is PC (Steam and Epic) only, and there is not a lot of information on when the console version will be ready. That’s still a great piece of information and I am sure that players will be happy to learn about this. So yes, you should be able to hop on Discord together and scream in each other’s headphones in the middle of the darkest of nights.

Does The Outlast Trials Have Cross-Progression Between PC and PlayStation?

When it comes to saving your progress and moving it to a different platform, I have to disappoint you and say that Red Barrels have already confirmed that it’s not happening. So, choose where you will grind your progress wisely.

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Will The Outlast Trials Come to Xbox?

All these PlayStation mentions in the article, but what about Xbox? So far, no such confirmation has been made. Could be that The Outlast Trials is a PlayStation Console exclusive that may or may not be time-limited, who knows? It’s in the domain of speculation for all we know.

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