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How to Slide in The Outlast Trials

*Sliding intensifies*

First of all, please calm down. I know, I know, you got caught because you crouched while running, thinking that you will slide away to safety, and then your character stopped still in a crouch position, didn’t slide, aaand then you got whacked by an enemy. So, you took to Google to find out how to slide in The Outlast Trials, and you stumbled upon this Prima Games article. You’ve come to the right place, and trust me when I say that you will not believe how sliding is done in The Outlast Trials.

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How to Unlock the Slide Dash in The Outlast Trials

This heading contains the word “unlock”, which means I’ve just spoiled the guide for you, dear reader. The slide dash is not available by default in The Outlast Trials. Luckily, it’s not hidden behind a microtransaction or anything, you just need to play for a little while more and you’ll be offered to buy it. What’s this about?

The Outlast Trials has introduced Rigs that you can use in your Trials, and it has introduced perks that are called Prescriptions. The Prescriptions are the key to your question.

Sliding in The Outlast Trials is unlocked by buying a perk (Prescription) which is Tier 1 and available when you hit Level 3. Worry not about the Level, because you will be prompted to hit the “pharmacy” after the Trial is finished if you are eligible. You can’t miss it, it’s right there when you leave the shuttle (See the feature image above for reference).

The cost for the Slide skill is just 1 ticket, so if you’ve spent your tickets, just level up again and visit the Pharmacy after the next Trial.

After you purchase the Slide skill, you can dash into safety by pressing your Crouch key while sprinting.

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That’s all you need to know about the Slide in The Outlast Trials. I hope you will outlast all your foes and all peril that awaits you in the Trials. If you’re stuck choosing your the next Prescription to take after unlocking Slide, check out our guide on the best Tier 1 Prescriptions in Outlast Trials here.

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