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Is Returnal Coming to PC? – Answered

Better late than never!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Is Returnal Coming to PC - Answered

The PlayStation 5 launch was anything but normal. The pandemic and the shortage of everything electronic made this launch one of the worst in history with a new system that, although it came out at the end of 2020, was not available in stores for a very long time. When in April 2021, Housemarqe released their new awesome rogue-like shooter Returnal as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, not many players could enjoy it. Sometime later, Returnal also received DLC, and by November 2022, PlayStation 5 reached 25 million players.

Is Returnal Coming to PC?

As the time of exclusivity has probably expired, after many rumors, at this year’s The Game Awards event it was officially confirmed with a short trailer that Returnal is indeed coming to PC.

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For now, only early 2023 is listed as the release date, and as the PlayStation 5 version came out in April 2021, that will be almost two years after the game’s release. Certainly, Returnal still looks great today and presents a serious challenge with its rogue-like mechanics. It remains to be seen how PCs without SSD storage will handle the mechanics of fast loading and resetting, which are an integral part of the Housemarque’s sci-fi moody shooter.

Returnal PC Version Trailer

With The Last of Us Part I for PC, which was also announced at The Game Awards, arriving on March 3rd, PlayStation is making good on its promise to bring its 1st party titles to the PC platform as well. With Sackboy Adventures and Spider-Man Miles Morales also arriving on the PC platform recently and Returnal coming in early 2023, it seems that PC gamers need a lot of patience and that most PlayStation exclusives will end up on their platform sooner or later.

It will be interesting to see Returnal on PC, especially when the rabid mod community gets its filthy hands on it and create some trainers and easy modes or just put Shrek in it. Oh yeah, the PC version will supposedly have a good optimization for playing on Steam Deck as well – better watch that battery life, yo! No saves in this one.

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