The PlayStation Blog has revealed a brand new update coming to the PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal. This update, which is named Returnal 2.0, brings some highly requested features to the game, as well as a photo mode. 

Returnal 2.0 Update Brings Mid Run Suspend Points & Photo Mode, Launching Today

The update, which launches today, features a brand new suspend cycle, which allows players to pause their run to continue later. Since Returnal runs can be a few hours long, it was hard for many to be able to complete the game without having to turn off their console or something else happening and ending the run. Now even if you turn off your console, your run will still be saved. 

This isn’t a save-point though. Once you pick up your run from a suspend cycle the point is deleted and you’ll have to make another suspend point if you want to keep this run. You can’t make a suspend point during cutscenes, boss battles, first-person sequences, or during combat. 

Returnal 2.0 also brings a photo mode for players to capture their favorite moments from the game. Obviously, photo modes have become a staple of most games nowadays as people love to share photos on social media and other places. 

The blog has some more details on what options you’ll have to play around with in photo mode. 

“Once you’ve perfected your composition, you can then explore some optional settings like focal distance, aperture, saturation or contrast. You can also set different sources of light to highlight the scene, and choose from a variety of many different filters, effects, frames, coloring options, and much more to help bring that unique flair to your captures. When you’re happy with the result, just hit the Create button on your DualSense wireless controller to take the photo”

That’s everything that this free update comes with, and remember, it’s out today. So if you’re someone like me, who hasn’t hopped back into Returnal because time was an issue, the team at Housemarque has made things a little easier.

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