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Is Redfall Open World? – Answered

This town ain't big enough for all four of us, or is it?

by Shawn Robinson
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For many, any game that Arkane cooks up ends up being a shining star. The two Dishonored games are incredible pieces of immersive sim, Prey offers some of the best player freedom with weapons like the Gloo Gun, and Deathloop offers quite possibly the best weapon fluidity in the genre. Don’t forget about Arx Fatalis either! With the upcoming Redfall, the team is exploring a lot of new avenues to freshen up their skills. One aspect of that is a little up in the air. Here’s whether Redfall is an open world game or not.

Will Redfall Have an Open World?

The answer to this question is found as simply as checking the official website for Redfall. According to that website, “Redfall is an open world co-op FPS”, answering the question outright as a resounding yes. With that being said, there’s a lot more to the open world than simply being a big space to travel through. From reveals done since the game’s announcement, Redfall seemingly wants to challenge the Far Cry formula heavily with a lot of that game’s staples.

Redfall is a town invaded by an evil force of vampires, and your goal is to take it back piece by piece. Each region of the city is controlled by some sort of key vampire, who needs to be hurt to force a confrontation. Take them down, and the region will be liberated from vampire control. Beyond the more magical elements of abilities, this looks and sounds a ton like Far Cry. With that being said, Arkane’s core DNA is planned to be kept. Environmental storytelling is still at the forefront, and those magical elements we mentioned earlier will play a large part in the game world.

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Rest assured that Arkane’s keeping many things in mind with Redfall’s open world. If their previous titles are anything to go off of, Redfall shouldn’t feel like a generic, run-of-the-mill open world FPS. It also has vampires, which is a nice touch. If you’re hungering for more details, check out our guide on how Redfall will perform.

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