Is Rasputin Dead in Destiny 2? – Answered

Is it a big twist or is he truly gone?

Destiny 2’s story can frequently be hard to follow, as it’s told piecemeal in one-a-week installments. But more than that, decisions can be so shocking it can leave us reeling. That’s the case for this season, and it’s left many with this question: Is Rasputin dead in Destiny 2?

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Is Rasputin Dead in Destiny 2? – Answered

The Season of the Seraph’s finale has arrived as of February 14, 2023. Speculation has been rampant in the past few weeks about how this Season would end. Some regarded Rasputin with suspicion, noting that he’s a product of Clovis Bray, who once also occupied the Exo Frame. Others have aggressively argued that Rasputin was not only good, he’d be able to calculate a strategy that would put an end to Xivu Arath’s warmongering… at least for now.

It’s likely that no one expected the actual answer: Rasputin would sacrifice himself in order to destroy the warsats threatening the Traveler. Xivu Arath can’t build the dark war energy she needs if Rasputin steals the weapon from her hand.

Rasputin makes this declaration to Ana, who tries to reject the idea. But Rasputin is determined.

“I have run trillions of combat simulations. They all end with the same result. My mere existence places humanity in danger,” Rasputin says. “All that I am, every protocol, every line of code, must be erased forever. I must die… so that others may live.”

It’s precisely because Ana Bray imparted humanity to Rasputin that he makes this decision, a cruel twist of fate that isn’t lost on her. But she relents and agrees, and the Guardian returns to Seraph Station to upload Rasputin so he can begin his self-destruct sequence.

And it’s just in time, as the Eramis was starting the firing sequence, with all warsats trained on the Traveler.

When the Guardian returns to the H.E.L.M. the Exo Frame hangs lifeless, as it did when the Season first began. But Rasputin leaves us with one final poignant message. He is well and truly gone, but his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

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