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Is PSN Down? How to Check Server Status

Is it down again?

by Jesse Vitelli

PlayStation Network, or PSN, can experience outages and problems from time to time. This will cause players to be unable to access many of their games, regardless of whether they are single-player or multiplayer. The PlayStation network needs to verify the license for the game, and if it can’t do that, it will not be able to load the game up. So, is PSN down? How do you check the server status? We have the answers for you below.

Is PSN Down?

As of February 7, 2023, players are reporting on social media that PSN is experiencing outages.

How to Check Server Status

To check the server status of the PlayStation Network, go to the official PSN server status webpage. Here you’ll see if there are any problems, which services they are affecting, and if the team is currently working on any fixes for the outage.

You can also use third-party sites like DownDetector, which have minute-to-minute user reports on affected services, games, and more.

You can also check the official PlayStation Support Twitter account, which will give you updates on the server status and if any extensive maintenance is planned. It’s always good to check this in tandem with the services mentioned above to get a clear picture of what the problem is.

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If the problem is on PlayStation’s end, there is no way to fix this other than to wait for the servers to come back online and be fully operational.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if PSN is down and how to check the server status. For more tips, tricks, guides, and information, check out Prima Games. We have plenty of useful guides on everything PlayStation. Here’s a gift guide if you’re looking to get something for the PlayStation fan in your life.

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